Making my own Florida water


Hello Guys. Thinking that I can use Florida Water and that being not available thing around, Ive thought of making my own, on that whole month preocess, etc etc The only doubt I have, and probably lame, is: is it mandatory to make it on a full consecrated vodoo altar? I ask because theres no reason to have an altar of a path I won`t follow…but is probably mandatory to make it that way?
Thank you!!


Well correct me if I’m wrong, but isn’t florida water, water that is charged with the energy of a certain loa? I would guess if you found a way to duplicate that energy you could make your own. I’m not aware of what the process is exactly in making it, so I don’t know if anything else goes into it.


It is mandatory that you have a vodoun altar possessed by certain Loa, and that you are a Houngan capable of calling down the Loa to possess the water.

If you have no intention of following the vodoun path, then you most definitely shouldn’t “play” with the power of the Loa.


Oh, Ok, then I certainly misunderstood what Florida Water was.
I thought of it as a powerful spiritual cleansing agent, but as I saw some people using it and making it who where into the occult but not into vodoun, hence my confusion.
It is certainly not my intention to play with voudoun, and the reason I said I wasnt going into that path is because , thats correct, is waaay too powerful to my early stages and present knowledge.
Thanks for your input both Defectron and EA.


If I’m not misunderstood, Holy water can be made by anyone. Do holy water and Florida water have the same purposes?


You can still use charged salt water which will have the same spiritual cleansing effect to it, although not as powerful obviously. And you would be calling upon different energies.


Holy Water and Florida Water are entirely different.


You can take some water, and hover your right hand over it, picture Light pulsing from core of earth up through your feet, and hand and pumping into the water… pray for it to be infused by power and love. Then you run some crystals under the faucet for cleansing and blow on them each three times and say “Cleansing, protection, etc” whatever quality you want them to have… and drop them into the water… use for healing or protection, etc. It has helped me with healings and the like. I have also washed my house with it, lol… you can even slip some to a person who is arguing and they will calm down.


On the other hand, a Mambo told me that Florida Water is often made in factories, and it’s not made on altars. /shrug


Gemma, it is definitely true that many of the “consecrated” items found in occult shops are made in factories and have no magickal properties whatsoever. This is why those in the know only purchase directly from established Houngans and Mambos.


It’s a good job I realised that, thanks to my trusted intuition. :wink:


actually - this would only work to an extent.
You’ve gotta remember that in our physical world, not only are we dealing with space, or physical dimension aka “form” as is present in the astral - but we’re also dealing with time. So, if you really want your impregnation to be a potent one, you must always remember to not only impregnate the water with whatever energy you’re working with at the moment, but to restrain it spatially by commanding it into a form, and you must also restrain it temporally, by commanding it into its form for a specified period of time. Or even indefinitely, or until the water is all gone.
Another trick I’ve picked up is to not only restrain it spatially and temporally, but to also command it to continue to renew and purify itself indefinitely and to double it’s energetic make up with every day that passes. So long as it exists, it will continue to accrue power and potency.

Still though - even at that, you’re probably looking at a good many years with your talisman or water before it even gets close to being as powerful as actual Florida water. Especially for the less experienced magicians. I would guess that a seasoned magician could whip up something profoundly powerful - but again - that all comes with time and energy. I can’t speak for the Houngon, but it would seem to me that having the powerful spirits behind such an operation as would be the creation of Florida Water, is something that - in and of itself - rivals even the most powerful magicians.


Thanks Thomas, this gives me more inspiration to get even better at my healing water methods…

Another house cleansing I have done is adding salt and sage oil to the water on top of the other things I stated… lol my room after that was visibly glowing.

Mental note: do not mix crystals and salt, because salt cleanses the crystals from what you programmed in them. Do everything but the crystals with this method, lol.