Making more of a difference in the community and in my life

So my life is in a rut. I’m stuck in community college trying to get an education working minimum wage. While I have ways to go before I become independent, I want more than that. I don’t want to be another bourgeois smoe living what I consider a basic existence. I want a combination of things; some excitement, some adventure, some indulgence, but most of all, I want to make a difference in the community. But for now, I want to make a difference in my own life, grow as a person, magician, and spiritual being. I want to evolve past my current state.

My college has plenty of community service groups. However they are very specific. There are several for African Americans, several for Latin Americans, none for Asian Americans oddly enough, the LGBT Alliance, Feminist Coalition, and as always (sighs) the crusade for Christ club (Cru for short). I have reasons not to join either one. The racial ethnic ones are more so a haven for those of those cultures. Same with LGBT. The feminist coalition I’ve dealt with and I can’t say I’m interested. And, call me a biggot, but I WILL NOT Join Cru.

I’ve been thinking about joining the local Freemason lodge. I’ve cashiered for several masons and they said they teach you certain skills and many find fulfillment. I asked how one qualifies and they each told me you need to believe in a higher power, a God. I am a believer in multiple gods, and in spirits. I ask if a polytheist can be a mason, and I was met with, not a dis-welcoming, but a sense of “I’ve never considered that.” It would be followed by a yes, but I’m still wondering. Joining may open doors for me, both personal and otherwise. Plus it’s Local.

I have thought about joining the temple of set or church of satan. Issue is is that I wouldn’t know how being a member would work. I don’t know what I’d be doing Would I be going to some building every so often? Would I attend meetings or learn under a mentor?Ideologically, I feel like I’d fit in with either of them than the Masons, but I still prefer to be open.

Right now I feel I need to go some where else to grow. I wish there was some university to go to for the occult.

Does anyone have any info on either three avenues mentioned above?


I know just a little. The Masons sre generally infected with JCI (religion). If there are LHP’ers in there as in true lhp they are very well hidden. When you do the spiritual thing in the lodge seeking true answers the good stuff you are pretty much alone and must do it by means of communing with spirits.

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