Making contact with Yggdrasil

Has anyone made contact with Yggdrasil or their worlds and how can I do the same? I want to make contact with asgardians (whether citizens or gods I don’t mind) I kinda forced myself to believe in Norse belief system (like we’re on Yggdrasil etc) but I couldn’t get myself into it for I need to believe the earth is flat and I’m not going into that

Its all perspective. The lense of the eye sees images inverted before the optic nerves and brain decode it and turn it rightside up. Hollow earth is a reasonably valid theory as is the flat earth theory to an extent. If you look at the tree of life as full of parallel worlds then there is a high potential for that to be accurate. If you have read up on quantum jumping that is something you could do to visit a reality where the earth is flat. And learn what you can and merge it with you understanding in this reality.

Yggdrasil cannot be “made contact with” but Odin can take someone with him to the tree where he himself hung on. However, it’s not really common to be brought to such a place by him.

The tree is the framework of the norse worlds, in my experience this is not Midgard, on my experience with visiting midgard is what brought this belief on.

The norse worlds are seen as realms all connected by the tree, not really flat, in my view it’s more that they are realms existing within the spectrum of the etheric plane’s “vibrations” but many pantheons have their own realms and frameworks/trees of life.


Jesus I totally missed the point of the original post 🤦 excellent explanation @Velenos. I learned something new myself with that.