Making contact with my Incubus part 2

So last night I tried to make contact with my Incubus, but I got nothing in my dreams as far as I remember. I don’t know what I did wrong or if I do have a Incubus.

You can have sex or contact with Demons via dreams and even if it was successful, it is not 100% that you’ll remember your dreams. In other words: just because you didn’t remember anything from your dream, it isn’t a proves that nothing happened.

In my opinion, you should find an another way to contacting Him, if you did not trust in your dreams, and you wish for an another kind of experience with Him (OR you can keep working on your dreams; it is also an option).

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You have a lot of experience with sex magick I see,you’re like a sex goddess @Nagash


Oh, can I take this as a compliment. :roll_eyes::wine_glass:

Well yes, I’m interested in it and sex magick is an extremely intense type of magick (and of course, it is very helpful in developeing yourself) so yes… we could say bravely that sex (and and everything what is beyond it) is one of my strong suits, and I do it (often) daily.


Cool,I haven’t good really deep into that stuff but if you want to share your experiences we can talk in pm,it seems very interesting


I’m about to write an overall post about my experiences and the matter of Sex Magick, but before I would do it, I have things to do, and I want publish it with a better English grammar, because I’m sucks at English. :woman_shrugging:

Until I would do that, I’ll continue posting my experiences, and of course the sexual ones as well, in the case when the Deity is allows me to do that.

You can also PM me if you have any questions, I’m opened to discuss about this topic, but I’ll ask for your patience then, because suddenly I’ve got lot of PMs and I’m so busy nowdays.