Making contact before evocation?

So, Ive been working with Dantalion lately, and was introduced to a rather interesting concept.

For the previous 2 weeks, Ive been going over various issues in my head, issues of love, sex, business, etc. While contemplating these, Id often hear a little voice in the back of my head saying, “ya know, these issues are like, Dantalion’s specialty”…or Id be in the grocery store, going over the various ways to pronounce Dantalion rather absent mindedly in my head…just little things like that until one day I realized just how much that name has been running through my head, and decided to evoke him.

During the evocation, I said something along the lines of “its a pleasure to finally see you”, to which he responded, “Finally? We’ve been working together for almost a fortnight”. I asked how this was possible, and he explained that Im at a point where my conscious and subconscious minds have started working more harmoniously, and that almost any strong idea I have will automatically be put into motion because of this…therefore my pondering of Dantalion helping me in my work was enough to draw him closer to me.

He also mentioned that because of this type of attraction, a full blown evocation, while helpful, is unnecessary and a potential waste of time. I asked why and he said, “Im already here, communicating with you clearly and efficiently, the need to see and constrain me would only serve to give peace of mind. The time you’ve spent immersing yourself in trance and casting protection could’ve been spent receiving answers.”

Now, something doesnt seem quite right here. Im well aware of being able to commune with spirits through thought alone, but the idea of attracting them into your life this easily without precaution seems to have a dangerous, almost loose-cannon type of feel to it.

Arent a large part of the guidelines in evocation there for our own protection? I dont feel like Im in any immediate danger, Dantalion has been helpful, but the fact that I have a spirit essentially telling me, “hey, no need for ritual, you dont need to protect yourself, its all good!” kinda bothers me…

Do any of you have relations with entities in this fashion?

I know of people who contact Dantalion in more of a shamanic way. They don’t use constraints and so far so good. However they have built up a very good relationship with Dantalion and they will be the first to tell you he can still bite you.

I have so far contacted Three Demons and Angel through Opening Sigil. I have recieved guidance AND changes in reality only by asking them with respect.

I think Sigil are like phone number. And I see evocation as real meeting. Both allow to ask and communicate. I suspect full Blown évocation impress much more the mind and enhance faith. As Dantalion said it just bring you peace of mind.

I personnaly love to make evocation while OBE because it is very impressive and I can meet the Spirit directly. And of course effects are powerfull.

I really agree with Dantalion.

Very interesting. This is something I’m working on (OBE to meet spirits).

I’ve got a few questions if you dont mind :

a) do you use some formulae to go to the spirit or do you simple ask to be brought to him/her ?

b) have you already felt in danger when facing a spirit directly in his realm ?

c) is working with spirit in the astral sufficient or do you still nee to perform some physical ritual/evocation ?

Thanks for your insights.

I am working on OBE since 5 years. Today I’m able to leave my body if I am very relaxed but it last only around between 2 and 10 minutes.

So as soon as I’m out, I clarify my vision (often blur)
Then I draw with my finger, on a wall or on the floor, the SIGIL of the entity I want to contact.
The sigil is shadowy, but I focus on it as in waking life, and it began to flash, as I call the entity.

For example this week end I gone out of my body, and called Thalos after drawing his sigil on a wall.
I’ve suddenly have been literally abducted and pulled in the air to take a ride above an ocean (or a see) with ships.

Weeks ago, I have been literally pulled in my bathroom as I was calling Eshmak. in the bathroom, I felt an heavy, powerful presence.

When I have a contact with the entity, I simply ask why I have summoned him. I often have an answer.

So to answer to your questions :

a) No formula. I use Sigil and ask him to come to me.

b) Not in danger but when Eshmak pulled me in my bathroom, I really felt fear because I could feel how powerful the entity was

c) From my experience, as soon as I have a communication with the spirit and I have received an answer that “Yes. I 'll do it for you”, I don’ need anything else.
I really admire their power and I feel how mighty they are to be able to alter reality.

Until now, I havn’t had any trouble with this kind of work.

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I have many contacts with spirits (angels, demons, Lwas) via dreams since I’m a very skilled dreamer (if I can sait it this way) but I consider now having a more “active” approach, hence my actual OBE work.

Thanks a lot for taking time to answer me, I really appreciate.

If you dont mind, when I’ve got some counscious astral evocation under my belt I will get back to you in PM.

you are very welcome !

For better or for worse, Azazel is this way with me. I was literally seeing him standing nearby at work before even opening his sigil, let alone a full blown evocation. Interestingly enough, I found the same thing happening with Raphael, although that’s not as surprising. Being raised in a Christian home, I feel like the angels are always near.

Anyway, don’t forget that sigils aren’t the only way to contact spirits, repeating their name over and over again is a good way to get their attention too. If I had to hazard a guess, I’d say your thoughts constantly turning towards Dantalion were enough for him to make psychic contact with you, especially if he thought he could help you out.

If you feel this uncomfortable with what he’s telling you, you could do a reading to see if he’s telling the truth or not. He’s never struck me as a malevolent spirit, but you never know, I suppose.

I suppose I should clarify, the constant thoughts of Dantalion werent really my own, I had never even considered working with him or made his sigil before I caught his name floating around in my mind…it wasnt Dantalion saying these things, nor was it me, but almost like a 3rd party entirely, strange, right?

I dont feel any malevolence either, no sense of danger, but an almost overwhelming feeling of “this isnt normal”. Ill divine on it tonight and report back

maybe there is work he needs you to do.

i don’t think there should be a problem for you to work with dan. he’s very generous and powerful and is easy to deal with.

if you have transformation of consciousness that is a good thing. if you can work with dan with no ritual that is a GREAT thing! why would it bother you? if anything you should be honored.

Ive just never been in a situation before where a spirit has came to ME and offered to work together. Im sure its not unheard of, but its been rather surprising for me.

The methods of magick Ive been using for the past year have started to bore me, things feel more tedious and Ive been looking for new realms to peak my interest, so Im sure its no coincidence that he popped up. I have a feeling the friends with benefits thread may have something to do with it as well :wink:

Time for an experiment. Theres clearly things he desires to communicate, and I can feel him growing slightly “frustrated” with me. Tonight, I think I’ll invite him in and let him call the shots for a little bit, no constraints or anything, and see what he has to offer that is so important.

Let us know how it goes! I’m intensely curious, and I’ve only ever heard good things about him. I remember Rufus Opus once writing (and I’m loosely paraphrasing) that Dantalion was known to make pragmatic magicians uncomfortable, hence my suspicion that there was nothing particularly “malicious” about your situation, just Dantalion being Dantalion.

Well, I did my ritual with the same preliminary work as any other, but I didnt use a circle or any physical elements, really.

We went over essentially a summary of my long term goals, my magickal work over this past year, and where thats all gotten me in relative terms. He said that the sum of these actions are what brought us in close proximity with each other, and he has noticed very clear barriers of my own making that are slowing my progress. He made it clear that if we were to do any work together, the first thing would be to eliminate these barriers, and that he could be the catalyst for their destruction, but I would ultimately have to be the one to go through with the task itself.

I agreed to begin, and that was that. On the outside, seemingly nothing has happened, but on the inside, it has been chaos for the past week. Almost to the point where I wish I hadnt done this, but I know its for my own good. These barriers are ALL the programming Ive picked up since a kid, mainly the nasty ones that make me act or not act out of fear. The reasons why I dont go out of my way to socialize, particular eating habits and manners of thought. Layer by layer it feels like its all being stripped away until hopefully at the end Ill be looking at everything through an unfiltered lens. In the meantime, shit is not comfortable…its been a dark night of the soul for the past week, but with glimmers of unimaginable brightness shining through the cracks.

A piece of advice Ive been told to pass on - “Always be mindful of your thoughts, daydreams and fantasies. This is not to say that you must always be pure-minded, but if a mind is like water, it too can be polluted. The more pollution that accumulates, the harder it is for anything to flow through, so continually cleanse yourself. Be aware of the passing anger or jealous thoughts, or even thoughts of misplaced hope, anxiety or despair, throughout the day, and make sure they are dealt with before they find a place to situate themselves. Keeping your mind in a clean an unfettered condition will prevent the need for emergency housekeeping in the future.”

Ill post more as the process goes on


now that is the kind of post i like to read
light on theory heavy on actual practice

keep up the great work tle and keep us updated

So the past week or so has been pretty fuckin interesting. Day by day, my preconceptions and buried ideals have been brought into the light, dissected and examined, and ultimately either reconfigured or thrown out entirely.

These include ideas or stereotypes that I havnt even truely believed, but still existed in my psyche from being part of this society for so long. Things like, “Black people are less intelligent”, “women are the weaker sex”, “any money you have must be worked hard for and earned”…the list goes on and on. Even If i never really subscribed to these areas of thought, it was pointed out how they still affected my decisions and courses of action in my day to day life.

And these werent just cast out with logic alone, Ive been put in situations that show me without a doubt that I have been wrong. A good example is my reservations involving vampirism. It was mentioned in communication with Dantalion that I should start practicing this more, both taking energy and giving, so that I may be better prepared for some crowded situations that will be coming up. I basically just said no, that I wasnt interested, to which I
received the reply, “you WILL be!”.

The next day I had someone give me the unusual proposition that they want to be my slave sexually. I wont go into too much detail on that, but it has definitely proven itself to be a great opportunity to practice this.

These types of new situations that im being flung into seems to be pretty commonplace with Dantalion. He’s said that he could preach all day on the aspects of morality, both beneficial and detrimental, but I would absorb it better through real experience. In going through the motions that are required to strip away my preconceptions, I get closer to the true mentality of a living god, working with both hands, as it were.

No longer am I concerned with the karmic backlash or moral implications of my work, both magickal and not. I still have great respect for my fellow human beings, but that doesnt mean I will hesitate anymore if someone gets in my way or I feel I have an “unfair” advantage. Its pretty cool, and I feel like every day I get closer to who I really am and who I used to be as well.

He even showed me a point in my life where things went very wrong for me, and what I did to cause that. About 10 years ago I had a girlfriend who was insistent that I share all of my deepest, darkest fears and insecurities with her. I didnt really have any, as I was more concerned with working on my ascent, but I wanted to make her happy, so I decided to tell her about the things in the back of my head that occasionally had me worried. Big mistake, by letting all those things out and acknowledging them, I gave them power over my life, which has been responsible for the absolute chaos of the past 10 years.

He has shown me that above all, in this life, your mental state is the most precious thing to take care of.

Finally, for those that have mentioned Dantalion’s “bite”, you werent joking!
I asked him what he required as an offering, to which he replied, “Just about anything will do in this case. Since it was I who came to You, the only thing required is an exchange of energy on your behalf. It can be anything, as long as it is offered in my name.”

Now, Ive never really done too many offerings, I havnt had the need really, so I just kinda dismissed what he said. (This wasnt a deliberate, 'yeaaaaah, take THAT, dantalion!"), I just really felt it wasnt necessary.

The next morning when I woke up, I had a boil on my arm almost the size of a quarter, with a bunch more, really small pimples running down my arm. Easily one of the worst infections Ive ever seen on my body. So I talked to Dantalion, and it was decided that burning my angelic sigils, as well as my SEQOR square in his name would be appropriate. Why? Because Dantalion could easily take care of the situations that I had these sigils made for. If I truely trusted him, then I should not need to put my faith in any other entities for that particular work. Made sense to me, so I did it, with a little white sage mixed in for smoke. I also then took a small amount of maple bourbon, put it in a glass, then put it inside my tibetan singing bowl on top of Dantalion’s sigil.

The next day, most of the pimples had disappeared. The giant boil shrunk to the size of a dime, and no longer had any pus or infection. Its taking FOREVER to heal though…its been about a week and a half, and there’s still a fairly large scab that looks red and angry.

I checked the glass…most of the bourbon disappeared, leaving a little bit behind in the glass that did not smell too appetizing.

My luck is coming back though, Ive been stumbling on money…my bank account magically has more in it today than was in there yesterday, and I havnt deposited anything. Every day there’s more offers for recording dates and gigs rolling in for my band, and I even noticed the gas gauge in my car go UP this morning! My next task for D will be to help me out of debt.

More to come!


That is awesome, Lotus! Wow!

Your experiences are really great lotus. I hopefully will be able to talk to my mentor Azazel this way. i think i already am but its hard to diferentiate it from your internal voice at the begining. The voice you listen to lotus can you easily set it apart from your internal voice?

Oh yeah, mainly because I dont have an internal voice anymore. I dont know how long its been, but I just “see” everything instead now, so when there IS a voice, its very noticeable. Almost all the entities I’ve come into contact with have much better vocabulary than I do as well, so that’s usually a dead ringer if Im trying to channel.

HELL YEAH! This is what I love to see! Great job LotusEater! Keep us posted.

this is the kind of thing that i like to read on this board.

if every post was like this one i’d be on this forum a LOT more often than i am now