Making a Pact with my OWN Soul!

Is there a way to make a pact with my soul and how?

Not really. Just gonna say use the search bar, you’ll find a lot of the same posts with similar answers

Please use the search function for topics like this.

I couldn’t find anything about it

Did you mean “higher self”?

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Well you don’t make a pact with your soul because it is you, I assume you mean high self.

Interesting idea

Maybe binding yourself to do something lol. For example binding yourself in this life that the next life you never work with angels. But I bet that’d take some skill

Interesting question. Please tell me what you would like accomplish trough such pact and how could that work? (I suppose you have some thoughts on it when you ask about it)

Its like making a pact with my soul or higher self

I get it but you still didn’t answer my question :slight_smile:

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