Making a pact w/o being able to hear and see spirits

I have been reading about some people making pacts without being able to communicate and I wondered how this was even possible if you don’t even know if they agreed to it or not? Or is it that the spirit sees you are keeping your end of the bargain so they decide to fulfill whatever it was you ask for?

There is a way to do this, that is through alot of meditation and a ritual of purity or if you want it head on. read the Chant.


I am talking to the spirits around me
Empower thy stance towards me
Show me the way of enlightment to fullfull my goals
Answer my prayer through believe and give way for my requests
I humble ask an audience with thee Ancient Spirits
Answer my questions with song of the wind
And leave once done with the rays of the sun


Now i ask thy spirits, your question

Once Done:

My curiosity knows it’s bounds and so does my respect
You have kept yourself open for my questions and aswered them in full
I will now allow you to move on as a part of my faith towards you
And honor the teachings you have given me

(Basicly that is all you need to know, to pull it off)

It seems to be possible, I think it works better for people who have some kind of past-life (or ancestral) link to that spirit - you can also ask a professional magician, healer, or shaman to act as intermediary, this is most commonly seen when people visit mediums to contact dead family and is reasonably well recognised.

Or is it that the spirit sees you are keeping your end of the bargain so they decide to fulfill whatever it was you ask for?

If you want to contact a spirit and you persist, they WILL become aware of this, I think people leap into pacts and focus on demons a bit more than is wise, but any spirit will become aware of you, if you attempt to contact them sincerely and persistantly enough, and most will eventually communicate in a way you can understand.

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Communication isn’t only bound to the auditorial and visual senses. We have three more senses out there: Smell, taste and touch. The latter is the one with more layers to it, because you can also sense energies and the way it manifest.

Some magicians do recommend to open up at least one sense before contacting a spirit, to make the experience more viable and graspable. But it’s not a necessity. Some spirits can aid you and enhance the “sense of recognition”, that specific sense that acknowledged their presence for you. It doesn’t always work, though, because it takes focus and attention to the surroundings.

Auditorial and visual senses is awesome abilities for communication, but there is other senses for that, too.

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Yeah, there are many ways to perceive the spirits. As I have progressed, here lately I have been exploring all kinds of new communication methods. I actually tasted a spirit the other day. As crazy as that makes me feel to admit that, it was very interesting because the spirits essence felt solid in my mouth and actually had a distinct taste to it.

And no, no, no, I realize how perverted that sounds but, Raven was NOT trying to suck a demon cock or anything!


I agree with lady Eva they will know and if a person really wants to see or hear a spirit bad enough they will go to lengths to practice techniques to allow them to do so. I feel some people rush into pacts or do it cause it sounds cool, or on an impulse. There is a time and a place for a pact and also possession but neither should be taken lightly. One your blood drips onto whatever promise or contract u make its permanent for the time you have the pact. And also this goes to bring up the disclaimer of the site ya know if you work to see and hear spirits you eventually will you just need to open your third eye. That’s my advice and even the other senses need this to an extent. And Raven that is awesome and very interesting but also epically funny

Are u reading about these pacts here? It just seems strange to me that anyone who isn’t sure if there even is a demon present that they would make a pact with it. Opening a sigil is one thing making a demonic pact is quite the other I’ve been practicing this in waves for many years about 3 seriously and have never needed to make a pact I’m sure in the future I will but two weeks in the game no way.

There is no need for a pact in order to work with a Spirit. Pacts aren’t need for most things. Not sure why so many on here always seem so eager to jump into one to begin with; most of the things these people want to make a pact over can be accomplished via evocation alone. The few pacts I’ve ever committed myself to are long term and geared toward more spiritual goals as opposed to material, and they are only with Spirits who’s altars I permanently maintain and who I am very close to.

Exactly! I agree with this. I never make pacts unless it something long term and very important.