Make your Sigils out of 24k gold leaf and super charge them

The many Goethia sigils are supposed to be made from precious metals and not so, I know some dont like Goethia work so I thought it would be a good idea to use gold leaf on other sigils as an offering but also it would make the sigil electromagneticly charged so to speak, just an idea I thought id throw out. Gold leaf isn’t very expensive but it I pure gold just very thin.


Gold meant be super conductive how bout gold mixed with crushed cyrstals


That’s neat, and it’s quite easy to buy in shops as well! :slight_smile:


Apparently the cyrstals where used on cap stones pyramids and gold in magic workings makes perfect sense cyrstals draw in energy gold is conductive the Gold leaf idea is neat!


Can I warn you that some sellers aren’t selling ‘gold leaf’ - it’s simply coloured foils, or an embellishment foil.

You need to ensure that it has a caratage associated with it, as in 23ct, 23kt.

The other point is that you can also get fine copper leaf, and silver leaf, so if you are working with a Marquis, Duke, Earl or Count. It’s a pity that there is no Tin, Lead or Mercury option for the other dignitaries but then again the two lattermost would probably not be the safest to handle or burn or consume!

Thank you for the ideas and inspiration.

Just to clarify - this is only because you don’t want to be paying out for 23ct gold and finding you’ve bought gold coloured plastic foil. This is more to do with trade descriptions rather than honouring a deity.

Regarding bling and sincerity, I don’t think that an offering of a precious metal to a favoured deity is necessarily bling - it’s an act of love and reverence just as you would give a loved one a piece of jewellery or a watch or tie to show your feelings. Even buying a friend a coffee is an act of love. I love giving to my deities and I love receiving their gifts. If you have no gift then yes give yourself, your emotions, love and above all else TIME.


Awesome! I was just wondering how to acquire this! Thanks @Sic_Draco

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Sincerity first, bling second.

That’s a brilliant idea

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One option is to mix metal and gem shavings of the corresponding work into paint and paint the sigil with that. I am gonna be experimenting with this in the planatary work i am doing soon as i can get the metals.