Make them beg and cry


This is my first post after a long time… As we all know, sometimes when somebody fucks up we want to make him/her feel it.
We want to make him/her feel regret how they treated us, we want to make them cry and feel the pain they caused us.
After one individual who crossed line with me I decided to make him pay, so I created this beauty (wishing him good health lol).

First of all, you need to feel the pain of their words or actions. You need to feel emotions which you want them to feel…

The process is simple. You can work with entity I tried it with Dantalion and also with King Paimon - both worked, but you also dont need to work with entity and just use your own energy and will.
What you need :

  1. Your emotions which you want him/her feel it
  2. Onion
  3. Knife
  4. Black candle
  5. bowl
  6. And link - pictures, personal belongings etc.

My Symbolisation :

  • onion : makes people cry, makes you feel unpleasant etc.
    -water: emotions
  1. Meditate to switch into higher mindset. Let your emotions flow, release them, feel them, re-live the situation again, feel the pain of his/ her words or actions… generate these emotions and hold them.

  2. Still think about what they did to you, still generate the emotions.
    Take a bowl and put it in-front of you. Take an onion and peel it off. After you peeled it off make a bigger hole into the centre of onion and place the link or links inside . I suggest to use picture to see their face but if you have personal belonging you can place it underneath the picture . Once this is done place the onion inside the bowl.

  3. Still feel the emotions.
    Pour water inside the bowl -symbol of emotions. If you have moon water awesome if you don’t just use normal water. I also put 3 my own tear drops into the water - optional.

Take a black candle and place it in front of the bowl.
(If you cried dress the candle in your tears, and write motherfuckers name, surname and date of birth on the candle. If you did not cry, skip this and just place the black candle infront of the bowl…)

Before you light the candle, switch into predator mode, get angry as much as you want on them.
Feel the emotions of revenge, feel the anger, feel the hatred towards that person how he/she treated you!
Once you are pissy and ready to fuck them up light the candle like a symbol of your incoming revenge.

Now if you want to work with entity you can evocate them.

Grand Finale:

Everything is ready, you generated emotions and now you switched into revenge mode.

Look on that picture inside the onion, look on that disgusting face, start looking into the flame and start visualisation.

Visualise them crying, visualise them feeling like a shit, visualise them regretting thing , visualise whatever you want there are noo boundaries.

As you visualise start talking to him/her.

Examples :
Name you are feeling horrible how you treated me”
Name you are crying because of me”
Name you are feeling like a shit”

If you work with demon (D) say it like this:

Name you are crying because of me, D make this bastard cry because of me !
Name you are feeling horrible how you treated me, D make this piece of shit feel horrible how he treated me”.

And like say& visualise whatever you want …

Just give it power…every word speak with anger and hatred - push your will on them, feel it. Break them… You can roar you can doo whatever you want just release it all on them. Do this until you feel tired and satisfied…

After this, you can spit on the picture of that person like a symbol of disgust towards them. Close the onion with cutted part to cover their face and again spit on the onion.

Say following (or whatever you feel like) :

You are trapped inside, you have nowhere to run, from now you feel what I felt, from now you cry as I did, from now you regret every word you said . Now beg me for forgiveness or suffer in regret!!!

Let the candle burn down…

And thats it :grimacing::v: Worked for me every time. First time I did it I went with flow, I created this ritual with intuition when I was pissed off…
Lol idiot was calling me next evening… he was crying , was very emotional and was apologising…



What the hell…

This is revenge domination …

If I would do thread about deathcurse than it is about killing…

Man, you shouldnt do magic at all…with mindset like that … feeling about yourself like you are shit etc and that your are fucked I mean…

Nice, the symbolism is very powerful. I can see room to add things if there are specific aspects of life you want the misery to stem from, such as burning a business card of the target’s business to allow the joy of their work to “go up in smoke” and add the ashes inside the onion.


Exactly!!! For me it was personal argument with ex thats why I was focusing mostly on that …but defo there is space for more things :blush:

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Just did this one. Final spell to him being New Years Eve. If I may ask… What did you do with the onion afterwards?

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Hey, just dispose it normally bin or bury it up to you . Look on it like it is already used material, it was just tool . :v:

The sharingan profile background makes it better

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Lol :rofl: yeah

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Wow yeah, great symbolism here, only one problem.

I don’t want to self-inflict the pain that I want my enemy to feel, it makes sense, but I think it would be better to make a wax doll perhaps and beat the f*ck out of that & put whatever horrible things on it that you want (wearing gloves of course) symbolising what you want to happen to them.

Hey, yea thats different approach but also different ritual…

The point of my ritual is emotional side of the target… You cant do 100 % succesful spell if you dont feel it therefore you wont get exact full result which you wanted … thats why I wrote there about emotions…

If you I would want to ruin somebody , If I would want to kill somebody and many more nasty things I would choose defo different approach and different ritual…

This is clearly ritual for emotional revenge, Your aim is to make target feel the same and come back to beg you…

I totally get that. You could also take the approach of feeling those feelings and using your targets picture and as many candles and as much incense as you like and burn their picture as you focus all those emotions, on to that picture, imagining them feeling how you feel.

As well as writing down on their picture, what’s gonna happen to them.

Nothing wrong with a little revenge magick.

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Yea… there are many ways how to curse somebody … your approach is not wrong :slightly_smiling_face:

One candle is enough for single work and incense is not needed just only when you summon entity… but if you want to set the mood go for incense…

Link programming ( writting on back of picture) is cool but thats beginner stuff … it has more to do with you reassuring yourself …
if you are enough advanced just one long look on the picture does the trick…
Burning charged picture is cool but thats too cheesy … I prefer to let link settle into energies for a few hours …

I have different opinions but thats because I have years and years of experiences in the field of baneful magic etc.
If your approach works on your work continue doing it .

For sure :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: just a little bit of spice :v:

Many entities could help you.

Or you could look at the picture with disgust, hate, anger and vengeance in your heart for this person, then focus on directing that energy to them.

Hahah okay, well now I know that the kinda spells I used to do 5 or 6 years ago were ‘cheesy’ :joy: :rofl:

Actually, I’ve not yet done baneful work, I do have the hair of someone I’ve wanted to curse for 3 years, I still have their hair - had to be sure I wanted to actually curse them one day. I am now. :smirk:

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Yeaa I call them cheesy🤣 lol

Uhh baneful work is form of art. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: Defo go for it if you feel like it :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

3 years for curse ? Woah :rofl: I wait max month than I decide if i will go hunt somebody down or nah :rofl:

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Tbh, for many years I believed in karma, but through research and hearing why others don’t believe in karma, I changed my mind and no longer believe in stupid things like the ‘three fold law’ back in my Wiccan days :roll_eyes::rofl:

It is indeed a work of art!

Yeah, I wanted to make sure that it wasn’t just me being angry after a breakup and wanting to be petty, plus it takes me a long time to get over someone as when I fall for someone, I give my all, so losing someone I really liked, is similar a member of the family dying, it evokes the same emotional response in me.

So yes, 3 years later, I still hate the bitch and how abusive she was, so I’m ready to f her up, Satan style lol



Ugh I get that … I had the same scenario because I am similar…but I waited only 2 days to go after him… he deserved all of it :v:

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Death unto each and every one of our enemies, for we shall show them no mercy, as they showed us none.


Love it ! :black_heart:

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