Make Spirit’s go away from someone

My family friend has been able to see and hear spirits all the time! And they are ALWAYS hovering around him and won’t leave him alone. And EVERYONE is forcing him to believe he is having hallucinations and that they aren’t real .
He says that they’re like people, spirits. Sometimes good and bad and even when he was being interviewed they were alll over him. They even try choking him when he tries to take medicine to “not see the hallucinations” .
But he’s not hallucinating like I said if you were to sit and try to talk to him and when he gets a break from them if ever he tells you what they are saying and doing and who there were and look them up yes they are people that died. I am not allowed to be anywhere near him because I am “Polluting his mind” by agreeing he is right and THEY are wrong. Telling him he doesn’t understand when he knows. But I’m sorry anyways is there anything I can do with out having direct contact to help him or help make the spirits stop constantly going and being around him . I said this before and I’ll say it again. He says his head hurt migraine pains from all the voices it’s like a radio that won’t turn off.

Most people will generally assume these things are symptoms of psychosis and schizophrenia.

It is only that their veil is much more thinner, so there technically isn’t “making them go away” when you can see and hear them much more clearer than others. It’s a gift I suppose.

Regardless if they are banished from him & his place. He’ll just encounter more and they’ll show up as fast as you banished it.

Learning to live with them and having your foot in the door is very important for him. It is best he maintains a balance of practicality which includes work, exercise, meditation and healthy foods.

These antipsychotics are a pain in the ass. Heavy-ass fucking tranquillisers that turn people fat, docile and sleepy all at the same time.

I hope he finds his balance, and not making anything “go away”.

All the best.


I think of shielding does that help? Or conntacting a spirit that is great at protection?

But to get a good effect i might be good if he ask him self for that protection.

This is just som thought i hope this will be better soon.

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Teach your friend how to shield, so that he is not bothered unless he wants to be. Learning to banish, and set boundaries would also be beneficial.


To start with I’d say it’s not a good idea for him to tell non-occultists about those things , that’s a big no no , occultists should always be careful what they tell those who aren’t initiated , the consequences are most of the time disastrous , he should learn to banish using the LBRP , this is a gift , not a curse , and if he can see spirits this means he can see goetia for example or Archangels or kind spirits , he should develop a relationship with a spirit of his choosing like Odin , he likely could banish any and all lesser entities .


I forgot to mention he has autism not high functioning but he’s finally talking and this is what he’s been saying. He’s never google anything or studied anything

I forgot to mention he has autism not high functioning but he’s finally talking and this is what he’s been saying. He’s never google anything or studied anything . Yeah I told him it was a gift and understand he didn’t ask for it but I said I’d try to find something out. Thank you I appreciate it!

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He’ll be fine with time , practice and improvement , I’ll pray for him .

I think It is in best use that he spends time away from places that are cluttered or excessive.

Cities, traffic, radio frequencies all in the air with the pollution and shit is why people are prone to neuroticism.

I’m very sensitive and find it troubling many times to shut out “noise” that is very notorious if I’m not in the right head space.

In his best needs, being out in nature — the forests, national parks (once they open), botanical gardens, mountains and the waters provide much relief.

When you spend more time there, I suppose it is something quite useful to quell that noise, I can only imagine how’d it feel and it seems like an overload.

On the other hand, perhaps ask him if he’d bring out a meal for them on a plate when he’s eating his and they’re around. This isn’t an offering, maybe they would like something to eat or drink. Uninvited guests! Lol still guests I guess.

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Damon Brand - Archangels of Magick - Evocation of Michael, with the required Key

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The Powers of Michael

To silence one who speaks against you.

To weaken one who bullies you.

To shield against remote attacks.

To remove the curse of fear.

To create a barrier against anger and negativity.

Page 74 and 216