Make someone kinder

There is a a close family friend and she is very rude. She is always talking trash about people and causing drama. She is always calling me fat and stupid. If I ever speak up for myself, I am labeled as disrespectful and rude. I also cannot distance myself from her. I don’t want to cross over to black magick. Is there a way to make her a nicer person? or just have her stop talking about me?
Thank you.

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You can always do a good old-fashioned binding. Simply wrap her picture in black cord, yarn, ribbon, or thread, stating something like “I bind you, _______, from causing harm to others” or “I bind you, _______, from telling lies and speaking ill of others.” (“The Craft” gets a lot of crap, but there’s a scene that depicts a white-magic binding spell along these lines.)

In your case, burning a Shut Up candle for extra oomph wouldn’t be a bad idea.

And if any of this sounds manipulative: you’re allowed to defend yourself. In fact, I’m pretty sure everyone on BALG encourages it.

Good luck.


Hurt people hurt people.
She has developed this attitude to protect her fragile state and vulnerabilities. “Usual” layperson don’t have to go around calling people names and being a general piece of shit. But yes, toxic people exist and they’re shit head.

I would rather you have her stop speaking to you than to use magick. If it gets to a point where it’s too much, there are ways to generally make people nicer it’s to quell aggression that I can suggest if you’re interested. Even ways for the bad mouth to be punished… but I know nothing about making someone nicer. It comes more from the attitude and the parasites attached to them making them act that way.

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Thank you

There are angels, like Mahasiah, who can bring peace.

Yehayel can clear negative influences.

Riyiyel can cause others to become more kind and generous towards you.

You could also create a servitor to cast a bubble of calm that activates as soon as she makes her presence known so that she is always nice around you.


I found this thread at the perfect time. Can I ask if it’s possible to remove a parasite attached to a spouse to prevent them from being agressive and borderline abusive towards you?

Just to share if you check out my post on shitty marriage there were a ton of really great responses that have been helpful already.

Treat her like an irrational crying kid. And don’t scream at her just if you speak up don’t take her serious and turn her screaming into friendly banter. After a while you could ask her for smallest of favors and be thankful for example like “can you give me that mug”. You can Skale up the size of favors little by little… essentially changing and teaching the desired her behavior. (if all the microbehaviors are in plaze [geting sugar, making Cofe,Spoon and Mug]) You now can ask for a coffee . You are now able to insert any kind of behavior you like(she going to rebel at first but like mentioned Freindly banter) …but be aware that you cannot ALWAYS ASK FOR FAVORS just enjoy her and talk too plus if you go to far with this she going to look at you like your her Boyfreind.

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