Make someone drink your period blood : is this a real thing?

The title says it all. I plan to pour some of my menstrual blood in ice tea and give it to my SP in order to make him fall in love with me but I’m skeptical about the thing. Does it really works ? Can it backfire ?

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Yes, it works, and yes, it can backfire. Make sure the target never, ever, finds out, as it will most likely end your relationship. Most people don’t take too kindly to being manipulated, or being fed bodily fluids without their permission.


It works. But doing this once is not enough. You have to redo once in a while. And it does backfire. Once he takes one step outside the binding, an ugly breakup is due.


There’s some facebook witches that do it to sway a man to fall for her, and this one lady who my neighbor has been “intimate” with she has done the same to him but she does it in the idea that it’s hoodoo.


Yes. It is true and I’m sure it can backfire, though it didn’t against me. He ingested mine by happenstance when I was 18, and even though he lives in another state and it was 20 years ago, if I go back to said state, and he sees me, he still expresses interest. It’s more of a look he gives me and energy he gives off then a feeling of him being madly in love or even pursuing me at this point. But when it happened all those years ago, he very intently expressed that he wanted to be with me and couldn’t stop thinking about me.


Thank you for your replies. How can it backfire ?

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I’m probably the only person who checked out this site cause it was a turn on because I have a clue at how powerful menstrual blood is.

I don’t really have any clue about how it can backfire unless they have protection spells up in which case could cause them to dislike you because the subconsciously know you tried to magic them.

Can’t you let it dry and use it as powder too.

I’d probably go or shits and giggles and spike his bloody Mary with it no an iced tea

Also sorry to be asking questions is there no ritual required it’s just getting them to consume? Or do you charge the blood up with the desire to make them fall in love with you. And it works if a women does it to another women? I have an acquaintance thats trying o get someone to fall or her and is running out of magical options apperently it’s hard to magic a virgin into loving you or wanting you sexually. So yea if you explained what the procedure to do it that would’ve appreciated.

Absolutely works but I haven’t had it backfire.

I think it’s all about charing with intentions because I had already received oral sex during my periods and nothing happened.

And how did the relationship go ? Like did it feel natural ?

Tbh i’m taking a step away from this and rethinking about my decision, i already did cast love spells before but they backfired since i’m only hooking up with my ex and obviously i want more, but i’m afraid of feeling that i’m receiving unnatural love and fake affection, or even having obsession mistaken for love… or even feeling guilty for it which i might

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I was thinking about it he intentually eats/drinks it if I would still have the same effect I guess not.
I’m probably gonna need o have someone that can explain how they charged it to be able to help my friend. Anyways you should make some red powder too just for magical power when consumed ever since my succubus did an energy blood release on me I’ve been very more wanting of the actual blood it was insanely pleasurable I just sorta layed there twitching lol.

Funny thing yes this works. My (rich) uncle left his wife of 20 years for a woman who did it to him.
The magic was so powerful that she boasted about it to girls I knew and my uncle got the story. But even knowing that he did not leave her, she ultimately left because as a family we literally throw her out of my uncle house.
She was pretty though :grinning:

What would the male version of this be?



Oh yes it works. I know it has to be done three times ,old witches in my country used to do it in a special way. But I know for sure that your intention matters the most. Just don’t do it only once! And use something sweet to give to him ,never coffee!

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That’s so gross, but hey as long as it works.


This was my experience as well

@lady_Gini what special way did they do it?

@MagickBeginner they used to collect the blood during the waxing moon. They were keeping it at a dark place during the day and at night they were leaving it under the stars. After three nights it was ready. You give to the man three times


Agree, this is indeed gross. If I would find out that someone did or tried to do this to me I would delete them from my life pronto.

So if you try doing this (even if it’s disgusting), try to hide it.