Make some extra money

Dose anyone know a spirit’angel’ demon ’ diety that can help me understand how to bring more money into my life of a spell they can teach maybe help with;


Bune does this


I will say consider working with Bune. Bune continues to come through for me. Example: My son’s tablet chip stopped working. The guy I spoke over the phone from T-Mobile offered to mail me one for free. I told him no thanks. I didn’t want to wait 7 days for the new chip. Today I went to Tmobile and I was about to pay for the chip (10 dollars), and the customer service agent was like you can have it. That’s okay. You don’t have to pay the 10 dollars. Since I started working with Bune, I get free stuff, and financially everything falls into place. I love Bune!


Do you know where I can get more information on Bune

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YouTube has a lot of great videos on people who work with Bune. You should also consider meditating to the Bune enn chant on YouTube


Will do tommorow but rn I’m trying not to have insomnia :grin: ( loud neighbors …)

I also asked Bune for help once to pay my tmobile bill…2 days passed and nothing happened. I called tmobile so i could beg for a extension…i shit u not…the man on the phone credited my bank 255.00 AND gave me the extention…Hail Bune!


I love it! I’m telling you Bune is bad ass. I’m always thanking Bune for helping me out.


So bind is a money diety any offerings or a blood drop?

Hello Voodoo King,

I usually cleanse the surface of my candles with “siete machos”, and dress my candles with “Ven dinero” oil and shredded money. I like to also give my demons and spirits tequila. I do this with Bune or La Santa Muerte when doing money spells. I like to take care of my demons and spirits. If I’m working with La Santa Muerte, I smoke a cigar when doing prayer.


Bune is so lovely! I began to work with her and show results from the very first day!

All hail Bune!!!

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One of Cernunnos domains is God of Wealth.

@Voodoo_King You cannot go wrong with Asmodeus. He will hep you acquire money in an emergency, as well as teach you the ins and outs of financial literacy, teach you how to develop positive character traits in order to increase wealth and succeed in life, and aid in the forging of a financial empire/dynasty.

Be prepared though he wants serious students, you will have to work with him every day for a decade or two in order to establish a financial dynasty.

If you just need some quick cash… well he can help you there as well


I heard asmodeus is really intense , what’s he like ? I want to ask him to help me w lust energy but haven’t contacted a Goetia spirit yet , do I just meditate on his Sigil?

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@John_Wick That would be one way of contacting him, yes. That is in fact how I did it in the very beginning. I would meditate to achieve inner quiet, and then I would start chanting his enn until I felt his presence. I would do this right before bed, and put the seal under my pillow and ask him to appear in my dreams and converse with me. It is quite effective.

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I want to do that , I get really paranoid at night though after being into occult stuff , any advice you have to Calm my mind? I feel paranoid about random entities entering during meditation or possibly talking to an imposter , like what are some good precautions ?

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