Make one move or help grow

I’ve had someone in my life I’ve been pretty hardcore into and have desired them in my life. But my mind thinks about them quite a bit and makes my emotions go everywhere.

I’ve called upon Lucifer and Belial to have this person moved out my life if they arnt going to help my ascent and leave the job we both work at, unless she is the one who I truly feel is my soul mate and we will help each other grow.

Does Lucifer and Belial be behind that do you think? And I asked for the manifestations to occur quick. I’ll be patient and keep growing if she’s the one, but if not she’s gotta go.

Just wanna hear your thoughts about this secenero!

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Well if you really want to grow spiritually and ascend, if that’s your goal and you work with Lucifer and in my opinion Belial too.
If someone holds you back, then they can change the circumstances that, that person leaves your life.


I’m a fan of spiraling chaos into oblivion, but if that’s not your cup of tea you could just find a new job…

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I just ask because I love this job and this individual. In fact this job helps me work on projects helping out the infernal empire. And I felt she was brought to help inspire. So my hope is for the answer to come so I no longer have to wonder or feel distracted.

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I don’t understand why she has to lose her job over your personal issues - that’s kind of oppressive to her and Belial opposes oppression. More than that, sounds like a you problem that you would be benefit from learning how to overcome, like a challenge, so my feeling is she’ll stay and they’ll help you work on you and do nothing to her.

Unless her spirit sees all this going on and goes ‘fuck this shit I’m out’ and she removes herself from your drama before you drag her down in her own ascent.

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Yeah I’ve found out these last few days that I basically gotta stay on my track and all will fall into place. Truly a test and a way to help my evolution.