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What is evokation… And how to do it??? What is invocation and how to do it…

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Evocation is basically what this entire forum is dedicated to so there is a ton of information on the basics of how it’s done, including many threads with step by step instructions. :+1:


Very simplified an invocation is where you are invoking the spirit of your choosing, proceeded by casting your circle and calling upon the Guardians of the 4 quarters, North (Earth), East (Air), South (Fire), West (Water).

The evocation is calling forth what you are asking for and stating your requests or commands.

With all this in mind DarkestKnight is correct check out the various links on the site that go into detail and have a huge volume of information.

Interesting interpretation I’m curious where you got it :slight_smile:

For most Evokation is calling a Spirit but Invocation is calling it into your body.

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My theory on basic Wiccan practice.

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And it (invocation) does involve a grade of trust with the entity/spirit/deity you are calling.
If not dar from the dual planes (“pure” deities/good quality of a high spirit/ high angels VS “inpure” deities/high demons/dark quality of a high spirit), you do an invocation.
But if you want some minor spirit, low rank angel/demon, elementals (but not elements), faeries, deceased spirits, etc… you use an evocation.

At least, this is my way of seeing it.


Speaking to the title, invisibility and related glamour spells are also a thing. :stuck_out_tongue:

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