Make me attractive in someone's eyes?

Hello, yes, i have already searched the forum but all i find is men asking for extreme sex appeal for hookups., Which is not what I’m looking for

Im going to an event this week which my ex will be attending as well… i want him to find me extremely attractive and not just in a sexual way… but overall (striking conversations/not being boring/ finding me pretty/etc)

Is there someone i can summon to help me with that? Possibly a goetic spirit/demon since i find that i work the best with them?

Im aware that some can work internally to transorm you into the best version of yourself but since i only have a few days till that event i cant really work on that so i want something to just give the illusion of that instead

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Glamours, I’d suggest looking up spirits that can help and enhance glamour magick. They’re awesome.

Maybe pair it with a spirit that can influence their mind as well.

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Yes! I’m already working with Duke Dantalion to influence their mind
But i dont know any glamour demons… any suggestions?

Also is it okay to ask Dantalion to work on this while i already have a different petition with him? Would that ruin anything?
Thank you

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I heard Gremory is great for this but sadly i think that mainly works to influence women… so is there someone equivalent but to influence men?

Ive read about Forneus but since english isnt my first language im unsure if the writer meant “favor you” in disputes and legal matters only or overall and in a romantic way?

Invoke Forneus to influence others to favor you.

If anyone has worked with him can you explain to me which kind of favoring?

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I’m not too sure about glamour demons but I’ve read Azazel teaches glamour? I mentioned about wanting to learn it myself to Lucifer so Azazel came very briefly, taught me a few basics to build on and left. I can pm you about it if you’d like it.

I think @Nightside is working with Gremory right now.

I don’t know much about different spirits, especially Goetic ones. I only know about King Paimon when it comes to influencing minds. Sorry I won’t be able to help in that aspect :frowning:

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With Gremory, it was more an attempt of a 24 hour partial posession.
I was reminded to sit up straight (king godform), chin up and chest out, be diplomatic and tactful, be polite. Be willing to call someone out, but be polite. Self confidence. Besides a pathworking of the 23rd tunnel of set, that was abot it, though my groin did swell and get warm despite no T.

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Oh its totally fine thanks a lot for the info

Yeah i really like working with King Paimon but i heard he doesnt like to work on love matters… and i tested it myself at first i made various attempts of petitions to him regarding my ex and i dont think we wanted to work on it… but he guided me to here where i found other spirits to help with the issue which im very thankful for


I heard sitri only works with sexual attraction can i petition for various aspects of attraction?

Would Rosier help with that?
Im still searching but cant find what i exactly want yet

So far thw closest i have is
Sitri , but i dont want just sexual attraction and i also heard he could be somewhat of a trickster

Gremory ,but seems to work to attract women not men

And Balam ,but seems to work on the shyness/awkwardness aspect only

Hey could you please pm me about that as well?, would love to know more regarding how Azazel can help with glamour

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Marbas can cast any kind of glamours.


Bael should be able to do that too.

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came here to type this was going through corwin hargrove’s goetia pathworking and marbas is ideal for this on page 24 he actually has an example with OP’s situation basically. i wont put the spell here far too complicated but i am sure if op petitions marbas using his enn, incense etc. she’s going to be good to go