Make her leave

I need my roommate to leave, even if just for a half hour. Need her gone for a short period of time. Any suggestions on how to make her flee for a bit. Been trying to push thought forms towards her to just go away for a few this is somewhat urgent. Any ideas? I need her gone for a bit.

movie tickets :slight_smile:


I mean she has this boyfriend that usually takes her out. Is there someway i could make him show up and take her somewhere. I have belongingings in her room shes kept hidden from me found out wher they are at and i just want them back causs she wont just give them to me.

Now she want to sit on the couch and watch tv. Fuck my life getting pissed.

Dude better show up and take her somewhere. This is really testing my fucking patience… open to suggestions.

Exasperation is not going to help. Be calm and know that you will get what you want, when you are calm.

What kind of thought forms have you tried?

You could imagine that she suddenly gets really hungry and has to go out to get something to eat or that her phone rings and she has to go out.

Think of some reason, intently, some reason with a real purpose to her.
Choose a thought and imagine that thought in her mind being the number one thought in her mind.

Push that thought intently. Think it over a few times, seeing her taking that action and then leaving.
See that empty room and plenty of spare time for you to act in comfort.

Then just relax knowing it will happen just how you want.

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For urgent mental manipulation, I go with King Paimon. The fastest result I got was in 2 hours. I needed someone to leave by their own accord. Fire up a sigil.


Thank you all


how about laying some ‘hot foot’ powder?


Seere works quickly. Dantalion can help manipulate minds.


Hot foot powder does work. I used it as part of a spell to help a friend get rid of an unwanted houseguest. Just keep in mind she might suddenly move out…

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Dantalion i hold close to my heart. He has helped me a lot. Today however i have an entirely different issue at hand. Thank u all, wad able to do what i needed yesturday.

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Why not just walk in there and take them. If they are rightfully yours then she stole.them. You shouldn’t have to sneak around to get back your possessions.