Mainstream authors and the occult

Augusten Burroughs just published a new book called “Toil and Trouble” and in it he claims to be descended from a long line of naturally gifted witches, describes multiple psychic experiences he has had, and describes his past explorations of Wicca, ceremonial magick, and chaos magick. Is this a sign that occult practice is becoming more mainstream, or that many people secretly practicing are now becoming more open? Any other major well-known household names who have recently admitted to being occultists? Will this be a future trend?

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I think the lead singer of Godsmack admitted to being Wiccan some years back.

I don’t think one author confessing is the sign of a future trend. Even if a bunch of people say they’re occultists, you still have a ton of skeptics.

I think a lot of occultists who have achieved great success may not WANT anyone else to know their secret. To people who don’t understand (or who don’t have what it takes to do this stuff), it might seem like “cheating”…or like they’re seeking attention for the wrong reasons.

I have a friend who is retired from the music industry and insists that several insanely successful music stars have cut literal deals with the Devil (and if it’s true, you’d never guess it from their work). Since I can’t be sure that it’s true, I’m not naming names.

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