Magickall festival

Does anyone know of a video of ea’s appearance at the magickall festival? Or any of the presenters that were there? Thanks

There’s a 2½ hour lecture here by EA, don’t know about the others but YouTube & google are probably as good a place as any to look:

Yeah I have watched it a few times but havent found much from the festival their is like 1 thing on the golden dawn youtube page but its nothing.

Hats off to you - I only got like 80 minutes in, and got a sore arse in sympathy! O_o

Why do so many spiritual group events have such an aversion to comfy chairs… must be past-life memories of the Spanish Inquisition or something. Anyway - back on topic!

I don’t know of anything else from the other speakers, would the Golden Dawn forums be a good place to ask? Or the forums/wesbites/Facebook pages of any of the other speakers maybe, listed on the original blog post about it. If you find anything good, please post it in this thread if you can. :slight_smile:

There is a video where he sat in a circle and spoke. Nothing much important I expected more given the hype that was made. … And it is me Deon btw I have some problems with my other account