Magickal YouTube Video Requests?

Perhaps a primer on Energy Work in terms of manipulating energy or reality.

Hey, that’s a great question - a few ideas off the top of my head -

  1. I wonder if this applies to anyone else …

I have experience with more traditional forms of witchcraft and spell casting but when it comes to spiritual entities / deities / demons -I struggle . It’s Like I’m deaf blind and dumb to them - this in turn affects my belief in them negatively …
When it comes to demons should everyone start off by reading the ars Goetia or are there other demons and entities to be explored from alternative sources?

Going right back to basics ….How might people prime themselves prior to even attempting to initiate contact with spirits ?
Are there certain energy blocks from the mundane world that we need clear out first?
Can anyone make contact with them or only certain people?

  1. Spiritual Maintenance- tips and techniques for staying spiritually and magickally healthy in order to get the best out of your workings

  2. sharing your magickal journey in terms of where you started and what you progressed onto next and so on… up to where you are today .

  3. I saw your tik tok about the Qlippoth :ok_hand:
    How does a beginner approach such path workings and what are the benefits of exploring this path .

  4. LHP Seasonal practices - do you partake in any and if so which ones ?

  5. starting a patreon with different levels of study available

vid on.