Magickal tools and ingredients

Sorry posting a lot today - wanted to meditate and fireworks distracting me :joy:

Are tools and ingredients necessary? Like I see some spells with none…

And some with lots

And I always wonder if you could say just imagine a red candle or smelling an insence etc and it would have the same effect and work?

And mainly I ask as I’ve seen spells that it would take me a while to gather ingredients for and wonder if there’s shortcuts

Are they really aids for your own mind or do they genuinely hold power within themselves?

When a spell requieres something I don’t have or that is very hard for me to obtain, I replace it with something that I already have. In order to do that, I choose something that has the same symbolism than the original ingredient/tool.

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Two genres of magick are ceremonial and direct/mental: with and without tools. A middle approach is possible too; or create and use an astral temple. Imagining candles, incense etc. also helps training the astral senses.

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So far as tools go, I view them as focusing lenses. With such things, before one has the mental “fine motor skills or heavy lifting muscle” necessary, one can work on more difficult workings. Eventually the goal is, imo, to be able to perform any working without the tools, sort of like riding a bike with training wheels; eventually they must come off the bike for progress to be made.

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I stumbled into magick from LoA teachings - Neville etc so not used to any tools at all and used to getting my brain into a certain state via breathing and music then visualising/feeling. Where I struggle (like most probably- is the letting go) and I have had some results but hit and miss and always had a feeling intuitively there was more out there. But then I haven’t yet managed to astral project - so the astral temple thing I mean I imagine myself in a copper pyramid often when working magick - not sure why… think I saw one once in a meditation shop probably… the only spell I tried without and using tools I got no results from afaik and that was the Pomba Gira ritual whereas NAP changed things to progress in a few days… it’s not where I want but it’s coming, I can feel it and I’m further on than I thought I might be

Maybe I will keep going without for now. I keep expecting to find a key somewhere that will unlock everything for me but maybe that’s lusting for results?

You can do witchcraft without tools but it’s not very practical. Like, you can certainly dig a hole in the earth with your bare hands but wouldn’t you rather use a shovel? Magical work is imo more practical with tools. My blade is an extension of my will, as it is for most witches, and the wand for directing energies. I can’t imagine witchcraft without herbs and tools. Imo it would be like a remote with no batteries.


Interesting… hmm maybe I will try using tools for something entirely different. I’m doing NAP but suppose I decide to do sigil magick on a totally different desire - that would be okay and likely work?

It might work for you. No one can say what does and does not work for you. That is for you to decide. When I do sigil magic I charge the sigils with my blood and energy. In my experience blood magic and sigil magic go hand in hand.

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