Magickal success story and thanks

I obviously don’t post much, I’m not a regular I’ve only been hear some time last year, stumbled upon this forum on accident looking for something else and my interests got peaked. I was on the search for something that was very self interest, I wasn’t new to magick and texts but in practice I’ve never summoned a spirit, only cleansed and a few other things but I’ve never considered it magick. Anyways, I was looking to get my ex back that didn’t involve summoning, I didn’t find that but found what I was looking for. I didn’t use anything that others used on here but I managed to get my ex to have some interest again even though they were already in a rs but it took a few months and I already got over them, it’s something that happened to me before haha. I was also angry during this time because of how things happened, I ended up getting some revenge on my ex and the others that created the drama. I decided to move on from that and let them continue destroying themselves. Some minor life changes happened and are still happening. Fast forward to today, my job is more entertainment oriented(I’m not a party clown) but with the help of different types of spirits, including demons, they’ve helped me grow a lot mentally and spiritually, bringing me to things I need and not I want even if I badly wanted it, like a particular girl I started liking, we’d talk but I wanted more. Couldn’t happen, it’s like they wanted me to have something else. Nevertheless another girl started having interest in me but my interests were minor since she was not my type, we’re still friends though she still has feelings for me. Now, there’s someone new that’s really more my type and we’ve hit it off pretty well, literally feels like a dream, they’re beyond attractive and have some really important people on her side, not to mention I’m on the cusp of something I never wanted and that’s fame. So, thank you, BALG forum. Blessings.


Good job

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Hi , i need help. I am new here . I didn’t have opened senses. Suddenly, entity that said that it ‘ s name is Asmodeus came to me and helped me to learn a lesson from biology for school . We didn’t talked too much . At the moment he came I began to see him just like the drawing of him I saw . It wasn’t really clear . After that , someone who claims to be Satan came and asked me for sex and was there with me 3 days before sex after that . It was all so strange for me at the moment . He had blonde hair and said to knight to protect me . After that , many spirits began to came , as it seemed . And I felt like in trance. That lasted 3 months. I am 16 years old and I haven’t got any experience with magick or anything .
Only that similar situation happened a year before with another demon. He came to me because my friend wanted to summon him and he asked me for sex . And I suddenly lost contact with him. I don’t know what is happeng or it is only in my head or is smeone claiming to be someone else ?

Seek asmodeus… He will answer you

Before Evoking any entity/spirits,you should know Banishing,Shielding and Grounding…
Your evoked entity might be negative energy impersonating Belial and Satan

Thanks , but I didn’t evoke it , it just came. And what do you mean when you say negative energy impersonating Satan And Belial . Thanks in advice !

Because In the spirit world,parasites impersonates your favourite deity to steal your energy.This is major problem for new magicians.

Hello @Podmacbato,

You might want to read this, maybe it helps you:

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Oh thanks . It helped me a lot . I am new so I am a little bit confused. Would a parasite or something want a sex or what and what I need to do right now for all of this ?

And also , it said that it was with me for many years :face_with_monocle:

If that’s true. It’s an attached entity, playing on your subconscious desires. Find out about your family history.

I am sorry , but can you tell me something more about it please? Thanks in advance :pray:t2: And why my family history?

I’m happy for you :slightly_smiling_face:
Can you share the topics here that helped you or just what you did in general?

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Just to make sure it isn’t something in your family that caused it. Sometimes things are generational. Other times brought upon oneself mostly accidentally. Doing backtraces to find out where the problem started, is the quickest way to help in finding a solution, but only if you’ve tried everything else and it doesn’t help. If banishings and use of consecrated water doesn’t help.

For the success part? I did a number of things. Didn’t really make a note of it. It involved a lot of changing and developing my mind, the magick part is using a lot of techniques from books, for minor things. The gallery of magic and power of magic books helped a minor bit but only to point me in the correct direction because the parts in the books before the magick are way more beneficial, imo. Their words and sigils of power books helped with a few things but the results aren’t grand. I invoked a number of demons to help with conditioning my mind but not always it was targeted at getting something. I invoked for their energies which did increase change internally. I didn’t do any in order, it was all random, and in my honest opinion, any Demon can help in changing you internally but it all depends on the change, so it’s why I went to the ones that called to me, when I read what they can do. That’s what I’d advice, the ones that seem good for you, that’s who you contact. The second to last spirit I contacted was Elubatel from NAP, for general success in everything I do, I did that for maybe a month which wasn’t necessary but I felt compelled to. Going to work with the spirit that helps in getting people to obey you next.

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