Magickal seduction doesn't work for me

Could it be that there’s a part of you that has been too intent on a desired outcome perhaps so focused that if you got the result you might scare your intended partner off from your intensity and that the magick is changing and adjusting you in order to give you what your rituals are asking for?

That’s what popped into my mind after reading some of your posts. Because I’ve seen on the web and in grimoires that sometimes magick has to change you before it can change your world. So could that be what’s happening with regards to you feeling detached? A re-balancing of an out of balance state of being in order for you to get the result you want from the magick?


Actually, I was just remembering I also did some quick rituals with the Words of Power recently, to let go of anxiety and stop worrying so much… so maybe all of them are working in their own ways?

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Could be.

I say don’t give up on the nagick this early in on any case because if it’s supposed to be done for 10 days you definitely won’t see the result you want after only doing it for 1 day due to how the system was structured and designed (which is it’s designed to work over a period of days not immediately).

Add: probably designed to not immediately give result’s in order for the required changes to happen at a pace that won’t frighten your target away (or donut won’t throw a spanner into the workings). Since slower progressive changes tend to bring more permanent results.

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Oh yeah, it’s not a matter of lusting for results in my case, of course I don’t expect overnight results bc everything has to be rearranged for things to manifest.

I’m just surprised I’m detaching and feeling colder myself, instead of having my own feelings intensified.

I also hope it doesn’t backfire and affect my plans to relocate.


I think that further discussion, defence, offence and arguments on the virtues or not of having a ripped body is likely a derailment of the OP’s concern.

The OP has said he is a student and therefore already showing discipline, determination and focus in his own way, so good for him and from what I read in his intro as he is a new recent member he is interested in the concepts of the mind, so good for him again.

What I offered was my opinion based on what I see in the world around me and that with him being a student, he might not be interested in using his money and time on joining a gym or buying good cologne.

@Verdo already said it, it’s possible the OP might be struggling with lust for results and it’s good to see the thread has gone back on track and on topic.


It looks to me like you are adjusting in a positive way, such that you are able to concentrate on other things and not just your target.

Feeling a bit meh about your target gives you a more self secure notion of the success or not with the ritual = no despair and you can take it or leave it whatever the result may be and this is a good position to be in.

You might find that with this frame of mind, your rituals can be a more light hearted and an enjoyable thing to do, allowing you to explore the feelings and emotions within the ritual.

In contrast, if you had felt heavily about needing the result, it’s then more difficult to avoid lusting for results. Feeling meh and doing the ritual anyway at least gives you the learning of how the ritual process goes, which would stand you in good stead for future purposes.

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Listen to your intuition. That is often advice from the angels themselves.

I suggest some quality divination and radical objectivity


On the new moon, I will perform ritual 1 to enflame the passion in the former lover of mine, that blocked me. Also, I am thinking to start working with Beleth (DOM 2 ritual) to attack from different angles. I hope this floods her mind with memories and manipulates her to contact me.

Hi @Norski !!

I read your reply on a post of how do different love spirits work and I remember you mentioning your experience with Haniel. As you’ve experience with Magickal Seduction, can I guess you worked with Haniel with this system, using the ritual number 2? Or you called on him somehow else?

That ritual. It’s possibly one of the most extreme rituals I’ve done and mentored at least 3 others through. Be careful if you’re considering it. Everything interpersonal that needs to happen will and change is rarely comfortable

Dear God it works though… Just be prepared for a time horizon of multiple years if that’s what it takes. I’ve seen idiots throw very effective love spells that shift the results of readings tremendously and they write their work off after a few weeks of non-stop messages I can’t keep up with after seeing what their current mindset will bring them. Causality is still a factor in everything and people forget that

If you’re desperate, you will feel far more so. I’m yet to see anyone throw that rite and get an easy win within a few months. It’s life changing though and it will make the air take on a thickness you won’t be able to explain when you’re around them after that changes have started to go your way. It’s a truly beautiful thing to watch happen. Just know it might wreck you emotionally for a while and force you to make some uncomfortable changes first


Beleth is a bit hard to compel. When it hits the power is amazing yet be prepared to really command and entice with a great offering

I’d probably try Sitri for fantasies stacked with Dantalion or Orias for forcing change to contact. Gaap is a fucking G when it comes to that world too.

I recommend people get petitions down strongly and then progress to the Evos. Less moving parts for frame control. I do a ton of my work with those and I’ve done far more rites then I can count over the years


Also consider the power “to make one has abandoned you think warmly of you.” with “compel one who has most interest in you to become fascinated being you once more.”

That situation is speculative at best even with the rites you mentioned. Nudge it closer, petitions are easy


I think the words on the book are very telling: “Be careful what you wish for. If you’re wise, you’ll only use a love ritual when you’re sure that falling in love will work for both of you”. I remember the experience you talked about, too, and realize that not only being in love doesn’t guarantee someone being with you: With some people, it may be what pushes them to run for the hills, specially if it’s such a strong feeling.

My plan was to do this ritual after finishing my layered one with demons. The last time that I did it it worked like a fucking charm: I nudged my reality in different aspects, with precision and patience, influencing a bit the way he saw me, his thoughts and decisions. I didn’t specifically work on love feelings tho, but he told me what he feels for me is something he hasn’t felt before, and he’s sure he loves me. He’s a very “cold”, rational, mind over heart type of person tho, and I can see that if I let it be, he’ll drawn his feelings somehow and move on. There’s a big obstacle between us that needs to be tackled first; he’s supposedly working on it but I’ll work myself to get it out of the way (still deciding how with Magick). My point is, him being how he is, I can’t be sure he’ll run to me after feeling overwhelming love for me. Him realizing he has never felt something similar for anyone before could be what make him decide that yeah, THIS is worth any sacrifice he may have to make. But again, as he’s a block of ice or at least someone that takes pride on not being externally swayed… I don’t know. Love is about power balance too, and I’m so passionate that, if this ritual affects me too but he keeps his straight face while I become even more emotional… I’ll have lost.
Is there any way to limit the effects it has on you? I’m already highly flammable material.

For it to make effect tho? Or for the person to act on it? I know that this is not an exact science and I’ve very much took the approach of small wins and nudging reality on my favour. You feel like painting a masterpiece. Your posts helped me a lot. But throwing love feelings this way on the equation is something I didn’t plan to do so I’m carefully considering it.

Have to confess that the way you describe it makes me really wanna try it, just to have that awesome experience, no matter the consequences. Being emotionally wrecked is not really what I’m looking for now tho :joy:


Yes, I am aware that Beleth is a powerhouse! I am not familiar with the best methods to compel him or the best offerings. Currently, I am using DOM Ritual 2, I made a couple of Ritual 1 petitions before. I know the lack of manifestation is because I do not have enough abilities and connections with the demons yet.
I will keep working!

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I already petitioned Agares with “to make one has abandoned you think warmly of you.” petition.I will do more rituals with different petitions to hit from different angles.


I just bookmarked this post to point people to when this comes up. Some people are at war with their emotions and love is the scariest drug in the world because it takes more souls than heroin. Not everybody knows that and liking something too much can be horrifying. I never want that chemical in my synapses and people who have been burned by being too deep in with someone before will indeed be scared

I plan other routes via divination and work on those blocks directly with other rites. Those changes need to happen though and it’s easy to list for so I like doing a bunch of work at the same time to cause a lapse in memory on one or two to sneak through my list for result or I might side step it entirely with something that I wouldn’t focus on but has to have the required effect to manifest

If you smoke a cigar and drink scotch with a business partner after closing deals and don’t think much orbit I’d cast for more scotch and cigar nights with them for example. It’s some real slight of mind and a lot of my rites show up that way. Love practically requires it.

Trust, their relationship with emotion itself, and their images of who you are vs what they truly want in their life all play a role. Then there’s the whole factor of what they think they want vs what they actually want deeper inside. Most those changes have to give them symbols through you being a way, unless certain memories are enhanced and shaped in them by a spirit.

It all has to happen organically and it’s so easy to get into your head about. I’m working with a friend who is acting perfectly and noticing slow but sure changes and his lust for result and belief in the magick causes it all to waver. It’s a very difficult area but if you can get love and wealth magick down almost everything else becomes easy so it’s worth it to me to keep testing


I got some of my best results from doing one Connective Evo per night for nearly a month. Even if it’s just for getting rounds down range you learn a lot from reading the book and really sharpening up the ritual. Every piece matters.

I go into it like I’m trying to convince someone watching it through me. Like if I had a 2nd personality inside or a soul camera people could get into and really “be” my experience passively. Everything from my inner emotions to the theatrics of it all. I go deeply into it and it has a fueling effect

The chant thing can be weird and for a while you’ll have an interplay where you have to figure out if what you’re hearing is them or you. Learn to listen instead of having an inner dialogue and placing their voice there. It can work like automatic writing and real messages will slip through what you say regardless but the state of listening vs imagining is a big area.

The loudest sense of presence in my head was Gaap. Try working with him and really making contact. It may just be my affinity for him or it could be his nature but he filled my head with the most demonic sensation I’ve felt to date. He delivered a result within 3 months too and it was notable given the circumstances.


Solid approach. Work sincerely and often and get a feel for timing once you can do the full rite in your sleep. I have many of the Shem angels and emissaries memorized by this point. Every ritual is worth it

I’m hitting the fundamentals again and getting as much out of petitions that I can


The most difficult part for me is when there is no physical action the caster can make in the mundane world to help the whole process. When there is no contact between the caster and the target the only option to track progress is divination and it is a shady area as we all know. An endless cycle of tarot readings and etc. just to hear things you already know. Going as left hand as needed, I think that even using break defences and curses ritual can help in such situations.

I’ve never heard anything, only had some sense of presence with DOM rituals. My astral senses are very weak and one of the main reasons I am doing Ritual 2 is that I want to develop them. Also, I prefer to explain the situation to the demon, no matter I can not hear It. I like to experiment, I am sure with time this tactic will give results.

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