Magickal seduction doesn't work for me

That book is a bit strange. I suspect they layer in binds so that it can be workable with the right approach yet one night get more out if simplifying it and performing the mandatory part of the equation with the right parameters

You can imagine candles

You can force the energies to ground to your property by burying it there

You can do the ritual without orgasm or even eroticism involved

You could skip the preparatory section and the astrogical timings because everything else they publish disregards all of that stuff. It can help but it’s mostly stuff to trip over and every order knows this

It has so many parts to hold on to it becomes easy to fuck up the important parts and I think that’s by design. Somehow I know most people time it during the lunar phase suggestions because it’s an option that says “more power.”

What I want to know is why that book is more complex than any other they have? To limit it’s use perhaps?

Try to get it working with just core sections. The Alchemical rite in Latin (empowerment and protection) and the main section with the spirits.

Ignore the candles

Use a damn tablet screen if you need to for the circle. Just get the functional part of the rite correct and then experiment with adding more power. You’re giving your lust up to the spirits and forging a connection by getting as turned on as you can get during it while chanting their names.

I don’t know about you but saying those names sorta makes me not in the moment… Go for an extreme “yeeeeeeeah” fantasy with a great shot of dopamine and then call up to them, knowing they’re there. Repeat those as you go. Trance out.

Peak it, and then command them. Then close the rite. See if you can get it to work without orgasm or without wanking it. Then compare with other bits one at a time

Most of my really effective rituals take just moments. Any notion of “gathering energy” is usually less efficient unless extreme changes are necessary. Most times I saw this fail I wasn’t about the fantasies, I was about exactness

Exactness is great at times

Not really good vibes for a first date though is it?


My guess is that they made each book’s process just different enough from each other to justify some individuality, book for book?

Basically, all there books seem to be based on “think it, feel it, all done” which isn’t really all that theatrical or harness all that much magickal believability unless you add in those differently presented formulations of each book.

Lot of good wisdom here. I know a dude who went all in on his body that can’t pull a girl despite being jacked because he second guesses himself at every turn and acts like a child when he’s in a really good mood. If he were a spirit he’d be mistaken for someone half his age or younger and that’s what women perceive most after eye fucking him.


He gets an entire calendar of first dates with no worries and never gets a day 2 because his energy is so loud and "not fuckable " they bail

To contrast I know a dude in his 50’s with no physique that 20 year old strippers jump on because he has rapper arrogance and actually has substance in his life to back it up. If you saw a picture or him you wouldn’t think much. Spend an hour around him and you’ll be wondering how to incorporate some of his vibe into yourself

Evoke his “essence” and it’s straight up focused Mars energy that doesn’t want to fight you because you aren’t worth it. Yet you like him though even after he insults you. That kind of vibe says a lot

Get both the body and the vibe and you enter the upper league. I have a friend who has more than several LA 10 girls who take turns knowingly competing to become his girlfriend. He tells them “you aren’t getting anywhere with me” and they see it as a challenge

Get very good with both angels and demons and you’ll get good with women, and people in general


Does anyone has success with ritual 1 or 2, I am planning to perform Ritual 1 soon?

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Indeed. It’s all you really need. A place to put the Archimedes lever that is your consciousness onto to get your reality to shift

There’s always one of them in every ritual. It’s basic chaos magick. Ritual magick = Mental pivot point

The rest is just giving enough grip to hold on to (believe in) so it works

I see people obsess with wrapping the handle and forget to do the actual job part as it’s needed. Everything is just a matter of style for grip. If it’s base mechanics need a different power delivery to get your mind past it’s a cool slight of mind. Most situations just need a nudge if you can position it properly. That’s over half the equation


Be extremely careful with ritual 2

Yes. It absolutely works.

It’s also the most uncomfortable ritual you’ll probably ever throw but it will bring what you ask for in enough time

It depends on what needs to change. Read the chapter words carefully and magnify each meaning emotionally. It’s intense


The thing I am trying to do is to influence the mind of a former lover of mine. I know it is a cliche, but I want to make this happen and try different techniques for months. I think to try the modified version of the ritual from the GOM Facebook group that includes Venus pentacles.


I haven’t heard of that one. Mind sharing it? I’d like to see how that’s structured but I don’t like mixing worlds

I would assume the first method is going to work, as long as it takes. Just make it feel big and “done” rather than go into it expecting months of work

It’s a big and critical difference


"Definitely the Magickal Seduction:. I recommend a modified opening as such:

  1. Say, Ankar or NaKar YHVH, then say " I open the way"
  2. Say the Stele of Jeu (Aoth Abaoth Basym Isak Sabaoth IAO, etc)
  3. Say the YHVH Adonai invocation (Ani YHVH Adonai Rebono Shel Le Olam Amen)
  4. Do the Middle Pillar (do the visualization and say Eheieh, Yehovo Elohim, Yehovo Eloah VeDaath, Shadai El Chai, Adonai Ha Aretz)
  5. Invoke Arzel (Kosu Harim Silah Va Anafeha Arzale)
  6. Invoke Archangeles Raziel and Haniel (these are found in Mag Seduction and in Magical Riches texts)
  7. Invoke the same Genii (Djinn) Spirits as in the Magickal Seduction text (Sisera etc)
    This method is extremely powerful and much more advanced but if you want something even more advanced and absolutely guaranteed you can add the following:
    Include the Venus Pentacles (2nd, 4th and 5th Pentacles- each must have the 1st pentacle drawn on the inverse side and remember to draw using green ink for max effect), consecrate the pentacles on Friday around 1:40pm or 8:30pm using the Activation Psalms, and Solomonic Invocation and incense (myrrh, frankincense, palo santo or copal) Place the pentacles (3 total) under the same 3 candles as the ritual in the book. You will be mixing various rituals by doing this but I assure you that you will have the most potent love spell you have ever experienced. This is unbreakable and I have a 100% client success rate (well over 50 clients, in the last 4 months). Results happen between 3-30 days post-ritual"
    The post is by Monir Georgi in a GOM group.

I tried DOM, LHD, Angels of the Omnipotence, the next on the list is Magical Seduction.


This looks very interesting @Claymore, is this a complete reworking with these steps being new or are some of these steps the same as the original?

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Going to have to dive into this and reverse engineer it :ok_hand:

I’ve been going deeper into how a lot of the Hebrew works and what the various names of god functionally translate to. It’s a world in itself to get lost in


I do not know. I do not have the book yet. The modification is made by a person named Monir Georgi in the biggest GOM group. I will read the book and study the ritual and the modification in detail and try different options.


I’m curious what is involved with the proceeding changes after the rite. Typically the first version causes some extreme emotional disturbances as the necessary changes happen

Most situations requiring a spell for hire need some ahem work to be done


It looks very interesting really. I will ask for more information in the group because I am not familiar with everything included (I am practising for a very short time, a couple of months). I am currently searching for the most potent ritual to bend the will and influence the mind of a very stubborn target that I am in no contact with for months. So I will try all options.

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Hey, I just did ritual 2 today for the first time and I’ll be repeating it for the next 11 days.

What’s your experience with it? I searched for other experiences and found people saying it made them fall in love harder with their target, but there was no mention of actual results working as intended.

The point is you self improve and and become the best version of yourself. I gave the example of a 6 pack because it signals discipline, dedication and focus. The beer belly…not so much.

Are you really saying a 6 pack and some muscles isn’t going to help a male with lust orientated goals, like c’mon. You’re just playing devil’s advocate for the sake of arguement.

I guarantee if he works on himself and becomes healthier, more hygienic, and wears nice clothes he will feel better inside and get attention from the outside world.

I’d hope after disciplining himself in the gym, diet, and keeping up his hygiene. Would promote his personality and attitude towards life. I mean really he’s going to be healthier, more hygienic, and dressing stylish. Add in some money and he’s set. The point of the gym is to build virtue a charismatic trait.

It absolutely works… It does that effect of forcing the caster to feel much more deeply and forces changes to happen

To the point time seems to slow down when you’re together. It’s nuts, just be prepared for a rollercoaster


Do you use any protections with the rituals? I am reading about scary side effects from people in the Amazon comments and I think about making any protection ritual before it.

I find it curious that today I’m kind of… feeling detached, and wondering if I even want to keep doing the ritual for the next 10 days as advised (only did it yesterday for the first time). It’s like suddenly I don’t really see a future with this guy, or like I’m seeing our differences and incompatibilities with a clearer, colder mindset.

The reason why it’s curious is because the ritual was supposed to intensify my own feelings too, right? But idk… maybe this is a sign that this isn’t the guy for me? (He’s not an ex or anything, just a guy I’m dating)

The main blockage is that I’ll be relocating elsewhere soon and he intends to relocate sooner or later as well, but I don’t really see him having a solid plan or anything, so I assume he won’t and this situation will just fade away when I leave. I was hoping perhaps the 2nd ritual would give him a little push, but meh…