Magickal seduction doesn't work for me

I love Damon Brand’s books and other GoM stuff, but only this book, the 3th ritual doesn’t fork for me. I am doing the ritual like 3 weeks. But i am a student living in a dorm room, so i can’t use candels. Does that mean i am soo ugly that even magick doesn’t work for me ?? ;(((

Edit: anyone ?? ;((


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That’s unlikely. But we need more details on your situation, like what does this damon brand ritual call for you to do and what did you leave out? Also, what effects were you expecting? And did you mean that you performed the ritual several times for 3 weeks, or did you mean that you performed the ritual 3 weeks ago. Please answer those questions and share any other relevant details so folks can help you


Im doing the magick for 3 weeks, twice a day. I expected a “an aura that feel me more comfortable in social stiatuons” and…girls jumps on me…hehehe…but none of them happened.

I do what Damon told on that book. But only i dont have red candles, because i live in a dorm room.

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Okay so how long did the book say you needed to do the ritual for. Did it say 3 weeks for twice a day?

Well the candles can be an important component if this is a form of candle magick…which it seems to be if he specified a particular color for the candle. If so, then leaving the candle out may be a mistake. Damon Brands stuff is already simplified to the max so I really don’t advise folks to simplify it even further by leaving stuff out. You may want to consider doing the rituals in a different location if your dorm room wont fly.


Thanks for that advice. Im gonna ask dorm principal about that.

Its a 5 day magick in normally.


Okay great. So now I want to know what made you decide to go beyond the allotted 5 days that was specified?


Damon told that on the book, i perform longer if i need.

I also used GoM’s demons book, about sitri and zepar rituals, but that didn’t worked too… ;((


I see. Well i think the other likely problem here is that you aren’t really giving the magick enough time to work, and are perhaps struggling with a concept called Lusting for results. I strongly suggest that you read this article from gallery of magick where they talk about this and how to resolve it. The issue is Tubi, that sometimes folks (especially with love matters it seems) get desperate for a result, and they think logically in their minds that if they just do 3 or 4 times more rituals and include 3 or 4 times more spirits that was called for, then the result will come 3 or 4 times faster. The irony however, is that this kind of thinking can actually slow the results down…particularly when it comes from a place of doubt and impatience. If damon brand said 5 days, id stick to 5 days and after that wait at least a few weeks to a month before even considering adding more rituals on top. You should stick to one spirit or one spell and give it enough time to work first before jumping to something new


Soo thank you for everything. I will follow your comments.

Have a great day.


Happy to help. Good luck :+1:


My quote isn’t working.

I don’t recommend talking magick to your dorm coordinator. Instead say it’s for meditation to calm your nerves possibly say recommended by you therapist if he/she asks why if he/she doesn’t ask why don’t volunteer a reason. Just that you need to meditate for your nerves (every student gets nerves about class stuff and social stuff) it’s a reasonable reason for needing a candle.


You re right…i will tell them like that. Thank you.


Add: you don’t have to give a name of a therapist if asked who recommended the candle by name you can say “no I don’t have to tell you that” or something like that’s patient client privilege & you don’t have to do your not gonna tell them a name. Only if they ask. Rule of thumb in magick don’t ask a don’t tell so unless asked you don’t tell and if asked you don’t have to tell either because the main rule is don’t tell (for your own self safety self preservation).


Ok, thanks for advices…you re very helpfull.

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You might be able to use a birthday candle in a pinch.

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This is a great idea !! Thank you…

Seems like your expectations are rather high. If women don’t even look your way don’t expect to be drowning in women off of one ritual.


There’s a lot that goes into female attraction the first part is looks, you can’t control your genetics or your face but a spiffy haircut and dedication in the gym and dieting will go a long way. You don’t have to be shredded but obviously the majority of woman prefer a 6 pack to a dad bod.
Second is gonna be what we call positioning that’s the material stuff and power/status you hold in the world.
Historically women mate up and across dominance hierarchies. So the more money, status, and influence you posses the greater chance you’ll have.

In a world of social media this means if she has 2k followers and you have 500 she’ll probably see you as less valuable since you have a smaller circle and less influence.
But if you have 100k followers and a verified blue check mark she’s going to be much more open to your approaches.

When you are near the bottom of dominance hierarchies (which it sounds like you are) all you really have to bank off of is your looks. So be suited and booted “wear the right closing and be chose with your mouth closed”. You don’t have to wear designer but do your best to dress dapper Dan. Have a good haircut, brush your teeth, and wear some good cologne.

The right woman will come to you if you continue to work on yourself. I don’t recommend chasing them, chase success and they will come.



But have you noticed couples out and about that seem mismatched? A female you might consider an 8 or 10 next to a male you might pass off as only 4 to a 7, and wonder why she would be with someone like him? These are real people not subscribing too heavily into fantasy ideals. They just accept who they are and they get on with it.

I say fantasy ideals because if in this example, he believed he really needed a six pack he would be at a loss, in a place of lack and in the gym sweating instead of having that 8 to 10 next to him.
Chance are the lady there sees a personality and approach to life that rocks her world and she would pass off any six pack in favour of his beer gut or bald patch any day.

A certain amount of self development is key to finding enjoyment in life but having a six pack would be a byproduct or after affect only if you actually enjoy being in the gym.

If you think you need a six pack to get a girl then you’ve already added a lot of calendar months before you will feel ready or acceptable, compared to the beer gut guy who just got on with it - based on the probability or - assumption - that he already felt ready to rock someone’s world.

It’s what you feel inside that makes the difference, not what you think you look like to the outside world.

A photo of a six pack and or a good status on social media might bring some fleeting approval but will it last and is that really a substantial goal? What’s going to happen when you end up opening your mouth and words start spilling out? She will sense something about your personality and your attitude to life, your attitude towards her and then whether or not you have a six pack, that is less meaningful.

Same thing goes for money and other attributes, if you have money spilling out of your pockets but a crap attitude to life, don’t expect any lasting recognition or “acceptance” from others.

I can agree with this, but I view the success to be something inside. That part of you that accepts yourself as being good enough and even better. That feeling of confidence with your own attitude towards life.

If the magick isn’t working then the problem is something inside of you and what’s going on in your mind and how you feel about things. Fix that first and then you will see that everything around you accepts you as you are.