Magickal sabotage

I have heard of “sabotaging published work” as a concept, usually in order to keep some things secret from the general masses, or reduce effectiveness.
Medieval witches, for example, used to codify their grimoires, substituting names of herbs for example with anything else they could think of.

How often does this happen with modern magick? Is it something to be really worried about?

Not sure how it works but i read histories on amazon books reviews tat someone, say too much. Or put bad reviews on new books. some info and is cursed but or tat she leak tis tat. Dnt fprget the book authors whit the buy my book or else, no pdf.

It depends, the prophane should not be involved cause their thaughts are not desired by the Gods. Other witches could have the power of the Evil eye and react on it, even uncounciously. So well if possible keep your practice secret.

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Sorry, im dumb
Could i ask for some clarification here?

Prophane has many meanings: unsensitive people of the material world, spirits of lowest vibration in parallel dimensions, etc.

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