Magickal protection tatoos pt 1

I would like EA’s input on this, but also anyone else who knows anything- resources websites etc.

I am soon to begin working very hard to begin working baneful magick primarily directed to the death of my daughters former captor/rapist of 10 years. Though he is in prison for hopefully 7 years, today he showed how without using any power other than praying to his Mormon god and maybe doing his Temple mojo (which I am far more adept them him at by centuries of work and experience) he still has an ability toripple the ethers and peace of our family, always promising to be a thorn in our side and working to get us to bow to him in any way he can. He must go- if I could somehow put my hands on his throat and do it enjoyably slowly and entertainingly and get away with it- I would, but I can’t. So I have been collecting all of the spells and baneful magickal working I can find and plan on working the following plan. (BTW- if anyone here has a special spell or toment and or end a horrible well deserving Entity, feel free to email me and tell me about it)
After collecting all the spells and working I plan on renting a place and each day work one spell, everyday until I have gone through them all once. No doubt some will not take an entire day but maybe even afew hours; in that case I will repeat it until I feel 'all day" has been achieved. Then I will pick out the spells I felt the most power and impact from, and every week will work one of those spells “all day” maybe doing workings every month due to my physical weakness and scheduling issues. But I will do this Until he is toes up- and I and my clan can live without this evil pile of decomposition and putrid excerement is no longer in our future.

Check your private messages, I sent you something that’s worked for me. Good luck.

Ditto. Check your PM. Your post has touched a nerve with me.