Magickal name

Greetings! If a certain spirit gives one a nickname with a special meaning, could it be used also as a magickal name? Does it make sense?

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Yes it can be used as your magickal name if you so feel that it is correct. I would dig deeper, though, confirm with other spirits and in other ways before you start going by it.


Alright. Thanks. I must do some digging then. :slight_smile:

There are a lot of ways this could be useful.

It sounds like you achieved a deeper relationship with this spirit. I’ll assume that this deepening is a good thing, hence the curiosity.

Another is that this could develop into a magical persona for yourself that you could then call upon. Similar to calling upon one’s Godself. It can also be used to further remove the ego from the working and may assist in more efficient workings (from the ritual point of view, at least).

There’s nothing that says you can have only one and they can be specialized by spirit (I only use this when working with Hecate) or by type (I only do necromantic workings under this persona).

Hope it helps.

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