Magickal Macguyver

Ok so at some point in our lives some of us have had to hide our practice or due to lack of resources had to make due with what we had in our immediate vicinity. Let’s hear some stories about these types of experiences.

To start off. Growing up in southern Indiana my interest in magick and things such as this weren’t well received by my family and peers.

When I first started taking divination seriously as an art in its own right my first tools were a deck of standard playing cards (Bicycle I think), A pendulum made out of a washer and an old boot lace, and a scrying mirror which was simply a small rectangular mirror that my mom hardly ever used and didn’t really notice was missing.

Looking forward to seeing how creative others get on here and I’ll post later on some of the things I’ve done in spur of the moment rituals and spell work.

Well I’m currently in that sort of situation, I doubt my family would approve of me getting involved in this since they come from a christian background. So when I do evocations I always do it when I’m sure no one is around. Afterwards I have to air out the room to make sure the incense isn’t too strong. I also do this at a freinds house sometimes. I also scry every night at around 1 pm after everyone goes to bed, can’t do it earlier because some people will just barge in my room without knocking which is damn annoying. I’m not too worried about them seeing stuff like the mirror or my daggers for example, because they must likely just think they are random stuff I happen to have since I collect alot of odd things. Though I would not want them to actually touch certain things like the demonic dagger since that can fuck you up pretty bad from what I hear if you are not the owner, but I have taken some precautions against that happening.

I used to have a staff that did something similar in effect to your dagger. Anyone that tried to touch it without my permission got a really nasty jolt and got sent flying across the room. About once every month I’d take it in my back yard and stick it in the ground to recharge it’s energy as the spirit inside came from nature itsself and required this ritual to take place. When it was done it would start a thunderstorm out of nowhere. I miss that thing.

Where did you get this staff?

It sort of acquired me actually. I was really delving into nature and elemental magick at the time and I was meditating under an oak tree when I had this uncontrollable urge to raise my hand above my head and the staff fell from the tree straight into my hand. Easily one of the most profound magickal experiences of my life. That staff wasn’t just a magickal item to me it was one of my greatest teachers.

I had a staff once. I buried it in a grave to charge it with death essence but I forgot which grave I put it in… Took me a month to carve it from black stained oak I had shipped in

Wow I’d be kicking myself in the ass to this day over that one. Just because of all the trouble you went through to make it.

Believe me I do lol. I still go out looking every once in a while

Wow, Kitari, Necromaster, I am fascinated by your stories! I really enjoy these kinds of discussions - a bit more lighthearted & fun, plus I learn so much about my new friends!! Terrific thread, Kitari!

In terms of “hiding my practice” (lets not forget, Bible Belt here!), I make use of my love of candles! I frequently carve blessings, protections & various other simple spells for my everyday life into the wax. Some of my candles are literally covered with these “scratches” and when people comment on those scratches, I simply don’t respond. As an aside, I discovered that watching the sigils melt, burn down & disappear has greatly increased my ability to release attachment … kind of a ‘physical evidence’ if you will, of Invisible Forces taking over the command.

Thought y’all might enjoy this one - and even find it practical/useful for yourselves. :wink: Z

I used that method too for a while when launching sigils if anyone asked what they were I’d just tell them it was my attempt at doing something creative with candles. Vague explanation but not a lie entirely lol.


glad to hear more about your magical experiences!

oracles are a good tool to see possibles futures

healing is a good tool to serve and learn and to connect with a great group mind.

both tool give the problems that people jump on you to do for them.

Here is the question of fate

Yea Zoe I know what you mean, the cops down here are scared shitless of me. Being the main black magician in this area I don’t get messed with.

I’m much like Zoe, in this situation. I’m in an area where this path isn’t well accepted. If I don’t feel the need to respond to inquiries, I don’t, I don’t necessarily hide anything, but I certainly don’t advertise either. It’s sort of like hiding in plain sight…

Man I hate cops, hopefully someday I too will be able to strike fear into the blackest reaches of THE MANs heart.

Ooohh, but DEFECTRON, you’re SUCH a loveable rascal… :wink: Z

Oh how I know the feeling of our path not being accepted. In the beginning of last year I was fed up with always hiding and putting on a mask every time I saw my parents - they’re jehovah’s witnesses - so I figured, what the hell, here goes! And I just let them in on it. Guess what? They immediatly broke up with me! But I didn’t care(and still don’t) because I knew they would do that, I kind of manipulated it towards that direction,… don’t want any hypocrits in my life anymore, even when we share the same blood.

As for the rest,… My friends know about me being a Black Magician (sometimes even ask to do something for them) and as for the acquantances, most of them are pagans so they do believe in Black Magic hence they keep a safe distance from me LOL

That reminds me of the other day when my grandmother picked up my book of Azazel and started reading the introduction by Dante Abiel, she is an extreme southern baptist and told me that book was the most satanic thing she has ever lain her eyes upon and that I was going to Hell. I had a good laugh and told her damnation is harder to receive than she thinks.


Yeah, Necromaster… Bran… gotta admit sometimes the hilarious reactions we get DO tend to bring out the “prankster imp” in us, don’t they? :wink: Z

I too live in the Bible Belt… very small town, population 2,000 and I am not being dramatic when I tell you we have 20 churches in this town. This a town with one intersection/stop light. I can walk from one end of town to the other in 10 minutes. Needless to say it is a very “churchey” town, lol. I decided a couple of years ago that I wasn’t going to hide my spiritual beliefs anymore. My new house had just finished being built, and I decided I wanted to really make it mine. I have 3 altars in my living room for different things. Candles everywhere, stones, incense burners, TONS of symbolism. There is a bookshelf in my living that houses nothing but books on the occult and such, tarot card decks laying around… there are crystals that I consecrated above every door and window in my house, besoms over the entrances. I think you guys get the picture. :wink: Anyway, the point here is, that nobody seems to notice any of these things when they are at my house. I have even had people from my teenage daughters church drop in to pick her up, I invite them right in and they never blink an eye, all smiles. I walk around town at the various cafes, store, etc. with my pentacle necklace shining and my various spiritual tattoos showing, and nobody looks twice.

Now, I do put a lot of effort into protection, around my house, kids, etc. My guess as to why nobody notices these things is because if they did, it would be a big problem and would threaten our safety and happiness… so they don’t. :wink: