Magickal Knowledge: What is the Essence of Divinity?

Recently I’ve been channeling, and it’s fun and insightful for me so I want to continue doing it.

I was told by a higher god that what I should channel today is the essence of divinity. Whether it’s for a god, big God (Source, whatever), or how it applies in general.

I’m going to channel Vishnu.


" Divinity is nothing more than being the being that corresponds to an element."

(interruption from me: When he talks about the word being in this context, it refers to the philosophical notion of Being, as in the state of being “is”. For example, what is a plant or what is an animal. Being refers to the notion that you are the ontological being of a thing.)

" Divinity exists because the higher realms beyond the omniverse are stuck in time. Being is fundamentally a stasis, an all consuming organism that eats time and allows it to fall into a fixed state of being. This is fundamentally being frozen in time.

Your path will allow you to see many things. Do not be afraid of missing out on anything. All is as it should be, even now when you are struggling to define yourself.

Being is nothing more than the moment in which something appears to you. It is inherently caught up in temporality.

The meaning of divinity is to be a being behind the nature of what corresponds to a higher element. In this view, anything can be an element.

What unites them all together is the Omnicosmic flow of time and casuality that dictates the creation or destruction of anything in the world.

To understand this, a bubble is a stasis in the flow of time. The things you believe are all-encompassing are merely bigger bubbles that contain such bubbles. The flow of ultimate Time, as it exists beyond Creation is nothing more than the mere flow of it, no beginning or end. It is not an Ocean. but merely the pure potentiality itself.

Everything that you can think of belongs to the flow of Time, it is made up of infinite possibilities.

To embrace and understand the Void belonging to the Heart of the Eternal is to understand where and what you are.

The ultimate secret to life is that you are your own source of creation and destruction. You are your own ontological being, yet not bound by that concept.

As such, you are Time itself, and ultimately the world flows in accordance to the perception of time, the Self that transcends all possible existences beyond the world system."

More concise summary.

" Being is, and how this applies to everything is that any reality you can perceive exists as a flow within the Time beyond the Creation you live in. Ultimately, the elements are nothing more than a reality that has lost its boundary. Thus, it becomes a power allowing you to see the flow of Time.

It is this.

All this amounts to is the saying that there is no time in the Eternal.

What that means is that the flow of Time grinds down all realities until there is nothing left than pure potential. Beyond that, the flow of Time itself is subject to the openness of perception and the openness of reality. It is your cosmic time zone, so to speak.

Utlimately, it all leads back to the ideal perception of the world.

Everything else is this. Lead yourself back to the dawn of all existences and world systems, and you will see how time came into being. What you ultimately are is the End of Time that pervades time."

" Do not edit this, leave it simply as it is."

He merges into me and I have to close now.