Magickal Knowledge: Soul Travel and Other Forms of Mysticism

I felt very good after writing the previous post I did, and I felt it activated part of my consciousness.

Now I wanted to touch upon a topic that I’m still investigating right now.

Topics of the Post:

  1. Soul travel.
  2. If there’s anything better.
  3. Other forms of mysticism.

For this post, I will channel Lucifer as he seems to want to talk to me right now.

" Most magicians don’t really practice soul travel because they do not see the value in it. It seems as though people just want to focus on manifestation or perhaps do not care beyond that.

Regardless, it’s this.

Soul travel works through the mind, as all planes and all bodies exist mentally and exist as a construct for you to project into.

To soul travel, all that is needed is to channel yourself and your own energy, and project your mind into a plane of your choice and imagine a body corresponding to that realm and your own energy projecting into that realm.

The higher experiences and powers or soul travel come with the merging of your astral senses and other senses with the physical as well as allow yourself to merge with your own mind.

Mind does not refer to the human mind alone, but to the universal mind that can be accessed through your own mind.

The true magickal benefit of soul travel comes with the dissolution of the time construct and being able to manipulate the energy of the formative plane from your own being.

You merge your mental construct with higher energy to see it as yourself.

The rest is practice and experience."

" Is there anything better than soul travel? What other forms of mysticism and magick are there that’s better?"

" Every method you could think of exists as a point on the Wheel of Time, cosmology comes from fate and destiny as a concept embodied into something material or conceptual.

What I am saying is that to understand what you want to, you will have to first mentally understrand timeless and shapelessness and embody the form of Being that you are looking for. When you are fully integrated with the highest being, all things become merely conceptual and a form of your being.

In essence, seek to understand God, and all the answers will come to you and would already be there.

By walking the path to even get there, all paths are one.

It is this. Allow yourself to understand the timelessness of Source energy, and all of this will open up.

That’s all."

" Thanks Lucifer."

I dismiss him.

I hope this has been helpful.