Magickal Knowledge: Opening The Channel to Receive Deeper Gnosis

I have been guided by Azazel to make this post. What it will cover is how to deepen your communication and reception of gnosis and information from the higher realms and how to understand more clearly that your gnosis is accurate.

A lot of people on the forum seem to believe that no matter what you receive, it’s just UPG, which I think is frankly too limiting to be really useful and stems from people’s attachment to scientific dogmas and philosophy over approaching magick on its own terms.

I am going to channel Azazel, and see if what he says illuminates anything personally and maybe for people who like what I channel.


" UPG only exists because people don’t want to acknowledge things they don’t understand. To call one thing UPG and another thing not UPG is only based on what you want to acknowledge.

Nobody is sitting up here wondering and pondering that ‘acutally’ it’s just our limited perspective and it’s all subjective except what people have agreed upon together.

The honest truth is this. You can confirm what you want to no with no reference to the external world because it is your choice to believe things. You intuition already is the channel of higher consciousness. Gnosis and information exist beyond time and is always available to you. You just have to perceive it and receive it.

That is all."

" And the rest of the post?"


" Become magick, but then do not become bound by magick. Suffuse your essence into all cosmologies, all existences as your essence and the essence of what is is the same. Allow yourself to become the perfect embodiment of all things.

Be yourself. Accept yourself. The only thing is this. Allow your mind to be free and do not give into fear. The rest is this. Allow yourself to see and receive every moment of every day. The world will not hurt you if you just take the time to look using your senses.

You can already use your senses. It is not a matter of opening them. The rest is this.

The only thing left is to understand the whole process. Accept yourself and accept the essence of what you really are, ultimately as the highest consciousness, then allow yourself to receive and accept.

Finally it’s this. Allow yourself to expand as far as you naturally will. Let it go and trust that it will do as you want. The rest is this. That’s all."

" What else can you tell me?"


" It was this simple, allow yourself to receive every moment of every day. Suffuse your consciousness with the highest consciousness. The rest will work itself out. That’s all."

" Thank you, Azazel."

I dismiss him.


Can you channel Astaroth too?

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