Magickal Inks

So ive been thinking about this. Thoth is said to be the god of scribes. Well ink has always been a big thing for scribes. The color the textures etc. Im thinking about creating ink for writing magickal scripts.

These inks will be made specifically for rituals as i will ask thoth for ingredients or recipes for these inks and i will have the creation of the ink as a ritual. Candles. Speakings. I will also ask for thoth to “bless” the ink once its made. Honestly i might do this for all scribe items. So what do you think? Does this sound good? Any advice?


Sounds good to me. Making magical inks is a staple of witchcraft.


Yea in this egyptian magick book i got it claims that scribes worked directly with priests since they considered words and hieroglyphics to be magickal.

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Egg tempura might be something you may want to research. Ash is also used to make black inks.


I have a set of pens I fuse with my energy when I make petition spells or when I draw sigils. I really want to get a quill pen one day.


Yea i heard about the ash. Ill look into the egg tempura though. Thanks.

Same. Ill prolly just end up making a quill pen honestly. Where i live there are waterbirds (which apparently were the birds used alongside ibis in egypt)

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I have several books that have magical ink recipes in them. Writing has always been considered magical in and of itself so I can certainly see the scribes working with the priests. Definitely sounds like a nice project for you :slight_smile:


Yep. Plus it well help me get back started on rituals again as ive slacked off recently.

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I’m really picky on the penns I write with, paper and notebooks too when I can afford to be. I like a certain gel type that’s been around for years and purchase these. In the past I’ve charged them with my journal, but now that I’ve gone electronic… Hmm.

Idk still trying to balance that written pushes the intent ultimately do to focus/versus digital makes more sense.

I think it would be neat to make your own Op. There’s a lot of resources on it already, from invisible magic ink to just normal ink charged with your intention. Anything you can make yourself, I feel like is a good thing, if you have a passion for it. You can make your own parchment type paper too if it gets you excited to do so. We did it in grade school, so imagine it’s even simpler now.

I’d just be aware of you’re thoughts and intent while crafting, as with all things.


Quill and ink isn’t quite so simple. Cutting true feather quills is very technical process and art form. However this YouTube channel has a great series on traditional quills, pens, and inks that you can gather quite a bit of useful information from to utilize in practical side of magickal writing and creation.


I second this, it is a tricky process but I do recommend giving it a try. Using a quill takes a bit of practice as well. It is easier than using a fish bone, as some Icelandic Staves are traditionally drawn with


I use the ash from my ritual incense for this. Smells good as well.