Magickal Ingredients!

I’m in the mood a for fresh topic -

Lets discuss Magickal Ingredients specific to baneful Magick - curses, hexes & death Magicks … not only physical ingredients, but anything you would include in such a ritual: entities, mantras, moon phases, etc.

If you like, feel free to share success stories …

I have a baneberry plant in my backyard, the berries are excellent for hexing. Their folk name is doll’s eyes, perfect for the eyes of a poppet. I also grow a large poison garden of castor beans. 6 castor beans ground to a powder and added to water and put in a jar to cover a poppet of your target will give them a nasty case of pneumonia in no time. :wink:

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Pieces of corpses, blood, black candles. Sigil of murmur, sigil of astaroth, sigil of centamot

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Gator teeth, snake heads, and dried spiders are handy too.

Damn…it sounds as if you are familiar with my folks south of Interstate 10 in La.


Rue, Violets, Mistletoe, Holly …

Hair, nail clippings, anything that has been in their mouth (cig butts, silverware, matchstick, toothpick)

If you can find them: snakeskin, crow feathers, owl feathers, shark teeth …

Fire, blood, blade…

Haegl, Lilith, Dantalion, and most recently- Dra’Talon


If you dont mind my asking, have you had any success with Dra’Talon? I only recently evoked him on two people and have yet to see results but I realize it may take a while. Very tired of hearing that bitch and her kid whine all the time…

Yes. One quickly; one pending …

Poison ivy and poison ivy berries are wonderful to use too, although I should really be more cautious about gathering the damn things.


[quote=“UndeadGod333, post:10, topic:351”]Zoe,
I am curious how you utilize crow feathers in your workings. Can you please share any info?[/quote]

Sure; crows are traditionally accepted as “messengers” and I use their feathers to facilitate the ‘flight of information’ to the intended target when the Working involves mental trauma, as opposed to physical…

such as remembering all the harm one has caused others…

I often use bird feathers in a similar way, to help give shape to a thought form created to carry energetic intention to the target. I use that for all distance magic, not just baneful.

Mistletoe i find IT good in combination with Black feathers and cemetery dirt