Magickal Hymns and Magickal Chants of VK

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I would like to start using the rituals of VK Jehannum, he has Magickal Hymns and Magickal Chants for differents spirits, I have no idea when to use a hymn or a chant, someone could help me? please

This was discussed awhile back (in April looks like)

To reiterate, all of vk jehannums stuff is meant to be able to be used standalone as is (with whatever other instructions provided).

Beyond that, it comes down to your intuition and personal flair.

Where you think they are most appropriate during the course of any rite you may be doing.

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Hello crookedpathfinder
i didn´t know about this post, i appreciate it. Thank for your time :smiley:

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Yeah it’s up to you. Chants and hymns are created for different purposes, though you can adapt them as you like.

Chants are short and memorable, they can be used in meditation to raise a specific energy, and once you’re used to them can help you invoke that energy very quickly in daily life.

Hymns a longer and more about praise and worship/devotion, you might use them in song as an offering of thanks for getting help.

So they are not rituals, but you can insert them into your rituals to suit. E.g., use the chants like others use “enns” to raise the entity into your presence.

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This is very helpfully, thank for your time Mulberry. i will experiment in this way :smiley:

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