Magickal Groups and how they Disappoint

Greetings and Good evening all:

I’m curious to hear others’ experiences with working in magickal groups. I’m not here to point fingers or name names, I’m just trying to find out if others have issues like I do. First off, there’s the issue with trying to join a magickal group. Why is it so damn more complicated than it has to be? Second, why is there such a severe lack of communication coming from the leadership in groups? Or why is leadership so egotistical? I was in a coven for several years and I thought we got along fairly well, but there was always this underlying sense that they looked down on me or that I didn’t know anything. When folks from other groups joined us, they made me feel like nothing. It was pretty bad. I just recently tried to join a group that was going to be online based and the leader basically bit my head off for not being “patient”.

Sorry to rant and rave, this issue is just so raw with me.

I tip my hat to BALG though. I have reached out to leadership in the past and they were very kind with me on issues that I had questions about. Why is that so hard for others? I may be a nobody, but at least the folks on this forum seem to treat people with decency. I love that.


I wont get political due to rules. But my main issue with magickal groups is how “free love” they are. I completely disagree with that sentiment. So i usually dont do well with groups in the magick community


I have kept myself hidden away from groups or a certain organization from my past for many reasons, as they are so dripping with deception that I refuse to name them.
Plus I don’t believe in starting petty shit with other magicians, regardless of our differences.
Shame more people don’t feel that way.
I know I don’t need to elaborate to you OP, I feel similarly and take it from me: You don’t need them, but they-- just like anything, could serve as a catalyst to the opening of your true path.

I feel the same about BALG. I just joined and everyone is being themselves here with no BS, it’s so refreshing.


Magical groups can serve a purpose in your progression. EA has talked in his books about how generally they can aid in the progression of one’s Ascent. He himself was led to a bunch of different groups by the spirits guiding him, even to a mystical Christian order, so don’t throw the baby out with the bathwater. Not all groups are created equal, and you would be surprised at how you can find power in the unlikeliest places.


I agree with DarkestKnight, and my apologies I forgot to add to my post, that were it not for my involvement with such people in the past, I wouldn’t have kicked off a chain of events that led me to the discoveries I’m still making to this day.
In the end all you need is you, but on the way you’ll be carried and guided by others.
Discernment is key.

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I live in a small town, but I did have a “mentor” in the past who tried to keep me away from talking to anyone else about magick.

I noticed I tend to meet to who I need to when the time is right, but I don’t know how well I would do with a more formal group.

Very good points! I’ll take it all in consideration.