Magickal Friends with Benefits ~ Giving the dog a bone

Ok it’s that time…for a new magickal friends with benefits group.
Anyone wanting to join please reply on this thread and let us know your request. You can pm me if it’s too personal.

The way this works is starting Dec 1st through the month we each help each other with requests.
Example: my days are Dec first and second…so I wouldn’t do any magick those two days but everyone in the group would do magick to bring about my request…the next two days would be someone else’s turn to have their request done for them…
That way everyone gets several magicians working towards their goal and they get to help the others out as well.

So anyone interested please sign up… I will take names and requests until nov. 28th. Then I will shut it down to work out the names and days for the group.

Let’s rock this!


I’ll definitely join.

At the moment, im working on building my claivoyance and clairaudience so that i can actually behold spirits. More specifically, i really really need to improve my structuring ability so that i can manifest objects into my life.



Sounds like a great idea. Personally I would move it to lounge, but that’s just me.

This sounds awesome, but can people like me who haven’t had any success in magic join too? like you guys help me to finally be able to communicate with lucifer or king Paimon?


I would assume so as long as you do attempt a ritual. You can also do other rituals not including demons to help :slight_smile:


Once I get everyone that wants to join it go private. But some people don’t have lounce assessibility yet and I’m sure there are some that might need or want the help too.

Do you want to join?

I would love to join

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@Nirvana_Atashin yes if that is your request…just make sure you at least attempt to do magecko to help the others as well


Awesome , I’m all in. I have been practicing with sigil gazing and I’ll do that to try and help as well.
This is a great idea, Thanks \m/

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@John_Doe, you can use any style of magick you wish what ever works best for you, demons, candle magick, or whatever. Others will he doing their style so it will another of magick focused on a common goal for each individual.

Count me in. I’ll protect the group.


Yes!! I was hoping you’d say that!! @Aiden_Crow

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We won’t have last time again.



I want a certain girl to change her impression about me and replace all the resentment and bad feeling with respect and lust/love

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@Ghocifer, ok cool !!

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What happened last time?

@Eye_of_Ra I’m in :slight_smile: really wonderful idea.

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Cool thanks…someone tried to sabotage it…but protections will be put in place this time to prevent that.

@fgcb, just let us know your request.

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I’ll talk to you about that. Also I’ll get in that reading it’s just I’ve been a tad busy. I may have a faster solution however.

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Someone indeed tried to sab it but those individuals are gone. I believe there should be a patron god and goddess to this so if one were to stray from their agreement, they can’t.

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