Magickal fatigue

Hi EA,

I would be very interested to hear you opinion about the following:

To keep it simple I work with two groups of entities: Enochian, and lets say everything else.

I find that my interactions with the Enochian class generally cause me to hit a very substantial form of contact, using your terminology full-rapture/cross-roads/transfiguration state if I have got that correct. With the spirits in the “everything else” class, I normally hit a good degree of substantial contact, although generally speaking not always so deep as the Enochian class. I’m not a novice and have observed this over a fairly long period of time. I don’t use manifestation bases like yourself, I scry with a mirror, although I often experience semi-physical/physical manifestations of the entities concerned.

I find post-evocation, after an Enochian operation, I feel pretty tired the next day, or sometimes even a few days afterwards. With the “other” class, the tiredness is much less and wears off faster. When I read Evoking Enternity you mention this “Magickal fatigue” and it was one of the things that said to me that you know your stuff, as I don’t recall ever reading of this elsewhere. Another case of those that actually do it for real as opposed to the armchair theorists that only like to write books!

With the above in mind do you think that such post-evocation fatigue might be a good indicator that one has really “hit the spot” with an entity? In my opinion I think that it is.

I thought that I’d pose this question as I have noticed in your forums and elsewhere, especially among those who are perhaps just starting out, that such post-operation fatigue might be a good sign that an individual has made substantial contact, and are not just imagining the whole process.

Many thanks.

All the best.