Magickal Education: Research Topics and Suggestions

I made this thread because I had the idea that I want to contribute more advanced magickal knowledge to the public, but find myself in a position where I am not exactly a master.

So, to compromise I wanted to make a thread where people can suggest various things they want to know more about, and I will do some pathworking in order to divulge more information.

I have in mind any topic from the basic skills and techniques to parts of gnosis you want to know more about.

I will channel various spirits and try to meditate on whatever comes up, and I will try to do it in a fashion where I get as much information in the shortest timeframe possible while extracting as much as I can from it.

So, I will work on it and come back with a thread about it or put it in the main thread.

I haven’t forgotten about the channeling blacklist, but due to the small amount of suggestions, I thought it would be fine just to go ahead with this.

Oh, that reminds me. I should update the Time Travel Journal as well.

Put your ideas down below.


I’ve decided the first topic I will research is “The Higher Dimensions and You”. Essentially, it’s just the magickal and spiritual relevancy of the higher realms and states of being and how that applies to you.

I am still formatting what exact questions I want to answer as I just came to the conclusion of having this as the topic.