Magickal Cultures

I am a little confused about something. Why is it that cultures which have very powerful forms of magick such as Haiti, the Congo and Mexico (Santeria) have such a low standard of living? If I were being honest, I would call all of these countries nothing more than a festering, oozing, pus-pocket, of cess-pool ridden, diseased, worthless humanity. Why hasn’t the magick pulled them out of this? To me, it is similar to a Christian TV evangelist claiming they can heal people, yet they die of pancreatic cancer.

A number of reasons. For one they arent ruthless and advanced enough. Secondly in magickal transition between spirit and physical, there is a certain stability that is lost at least temporarily until one has properly grounded ones self with magick itself. This is reflected in the fact that most of these people focus on things other than physical pursuits.

No-one’s ruthless in any of those nations? You sure about that?! :wink:

Well, can’t really see how doing this shit is going to improve one’s lot in life. The macumba chick near the end has a pretty good freak going on though.

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poverty, hi people, If voodoo is powerful,
wy Haiti live in poverty?

I am studying this spell but would like to know the opinion of you?

One should never doubt the sheer power of Haitian Vodoun.It is a force to be reckoned with,and will bring one mastery over this world,while at the same time,opening their eyes to the fact that their super-mastery is only a smidge of what is.In fact,one can say Vodoun is one of the oddest magics out there.It’s not LHP or RHP,because while it does work in self-interest and follow a LHP based philosophy,it requires massive amounts of devotion to the Loa.

I would venture as far as to say that the Loa may even be the reason Haiti isn’t nearly as rich as it should be.The Loa fought against tyranny,and slavery,and made Haiti into it’s own country.After the rise of the New World,where magick was deemed fantasy,the Loa pulled away their gifts,the same gifts that have been keeping Haiti alive and let it crumble.

There are Houngans,Bokors,Mambos,whatever,in Haiti.ANd I would venture as far as to say that every Haitian out there,has the potential to be a great Houngan in pretty much the same way that every Swedish person has the potential to be a runemaster.But does being Swedish mean you’re automatically a master of runes and know their secrets fully? NO! Is being Swedish a prerequisite to using runes? NO! The same would apply to Haitian Vodoun,being Haitian doesn’t automatically make you a Bokor,any more than being human makes you DaVinci.

The amount of people who really practice Haitian Vodoun,are much larger in Haiti than anywhere else,but as I’ve said,few people these days even think magick is real,so the odds of the majority of the population conspiring together to pull off one big Voodoo spell and make their country rule the world,is highly unlikely.


I thought that almost all people of Haiti are practitioners of voodoo

And all Chinese people are Shaolin monks,all Hungarians are vampires and all British people Druids?

this is a book on voodoo "brother Moloch"
I’m reading … but

'…Next we will see that Candomble is another spiritualized Voodoun-ish practice native to
Latin America. Candomble is focused more on the summoning of Spirits ala Allen
Kardec. By using the techniques that spiritualists have used successfully, practitioners
are better able to become possessed by one’s Orisha. These are not the Theosophist
Spiritualists from Lillydale and Cassadega but rather those who seek the deceased to help them gain power in this life and to make their transition to death more easily when they
pass on."

i live in Brazil and this information is totally wrong

No-one's ruthless in any of those nations? You sure about that?! ;)

I’ve never been more convinced of myself. I like to use an Analogy of Power. Alot of spiritual power can make big waves… So the reason they arent rich or whatever is they are not as organized… They slap down spells here ane there. Whereas say The White Race seems to be technologically inclined towards biilding their future whereas they have alot f goals. This is like a form of Anti-Magick where they can dissect and build reality however they want it. Example is Savages vs. Normal people.

  1. Hand a group of Monkeys wrenches…tnt…and just about anything ekse like AK47’s (referrence to a youtube video I saW) and just watch them go Apeshit wild to BUILD SOCIETY…shoot each other up.

  2. Hand a regular human tools and he will do something constructive with them and evolution will happena. Fyi…this is why I believe Belial is a well dressed white guy wearing a Dunkel Grau business attire with neatly trimmed hair and very dark eyes and pale white. Skin (he’s a Master Vampire). Hence this is the Society who will make big bukku bucks.

Well Europe and other countries have magical roots


I do to think any culture exists without magic in it’s roots.