Magickal Attack On An Enemy


We will be performing the group rirtual on monday. Anyone who wants to assist is welcome to join!
Simply send me a PM and I will send you the details of the ritual to perform.

Thanks everyone for showing interest!


Do you have Discord chat, it would make things like coordinating more easy?

Also I’m interested, PM me details if you still need help in this.


We are using the group PM function of the BALG forum, communication that way is pretty simple :slight_smile:

I’ll add you!


And does it work??? I am forced to use baneful magic to take down an enemy


PM me


Allrighty :wink:


Sounds powerful. No names but… Just curious on the back story, is this financial or romantic? Don’t need a long post just a brief scenario of what happened to bring it to this level.


Yah, have y’all succeeded?