Magickal Attack and AoW rituals lasting varying days

Need to start dishing out baneful work to someone that truly deserves it. Trying to go a different route this time. Recently started researching these 2 books. Both by the same author, Gordon Winterfield. Anyone familiar with Magickal Attack and Angels of Wrath?

Why do the rituals in Magickal Attack vary in the amount of days it needs to be done BUT the other book AoW the rituals are only done once?!?!

For instance to end a relationship it is 33 days of ritual! BUT AoW to cause hatred between people ie break up a relationship it’s done in one day?!?

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Once should be enough. If it didnt work the first time you should check of the target practices some Yoga, Karate or even magic. That means you will need extra help from a spirit like Valefor, Sargatanas, Surgat, for example, to weaken the magic resistance of the target. If the targets are religious you need another tactic.

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Yes target is a very brainwashed christian. Can you elaborate on what other type of work for someone like this? I never really took this into account with past workings.

By targets who are practising christians it’s necessary sometimes to work with mantras/enns/spirits first in order to weaken the target’s protection from their abrahamic egregor. Some of the best:

  • VOAIV which calls the Daath and draconian aspect of Belial
  • Tohu Bohu Chasek which calls Satan, Lucifuge Rofocale and of course Beelzebuth + Enns
  • The names of the first 3 qliphas which are against abrahamic religions, it’s enough vibrating them: Tha-uuu-miieel (for example)
  • the Regent Moloch is extremely powerful, truly amazing but He works with true dedicated witches and well you can try thou, if successfull than you know you are really powerful

Ad majorem Satanae Gloriam!


Year been doing this a lot. Thank you.

Thank you for this info. I am going to look into this now.

These books should be all that you need to find satisfaction. Curses are only deflected by those who intentionally practice magick or other such spiritual techniques. The vast majority of people do not do this.

If magick did not work on those who are religious, it would be quite the disappointment. Vaguely praying to God is not going to stop a well crafted, mighty curse (though the target may be horrified to know that God may be empowering said curse). Follow the instructions in the books, do the magick, and then allow yourself to move on from your enemy as you witness their gradual, or perhaps quite rapid, destruction.

I do not know the details of your situation, but I am 99% sure that you can just perform the Master Curse, or the Lesser Ritual for Torment, or some combination of rituals in AoW, and you will get what you want. On the extremely, extremely slim chance that your target has magickal protection, which if they do not practice magick would be placed by one who does, then there are rituals in AoW which can remove that protection.

To answer your question, the ritual instructions have been crafted with beginners in-mind. I would consider Magickal Attack to be an introductory text, while Angels of Wrath is slightly more advanced.

The former provides you with a well-crafted template for an effective curse. All you must do is follow the instructions. The latter, however, requires you to construct a curse of your own, which requires more thought and expertise to be maximally effective, as well as confidence in your magickal abilities.

Repetition is sometimes included to ensure that the ritual is performed well at least once. If you make a mistake one day, or do not fully engage with your emotions in the ritual, you have several days to learn and practice. This also helps you let go of lust for result, which is the only problem that you may encounter. There is no need to worry about “weakening egregore protection” or anything of that nature when you use strong magick. Do the magick, trust that it will work, and get on with your life.


This is a great explanation. Thank you.

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