Is there a spell to help or cure learning disabilities for the following
1.Lack of focus and concentration
2.terrible memory
3.comprehension skills not that great

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There is not a specific spell as far as I’m aware, but working with the Elemental King of Air, Paralda or the great King Paimon might help as they both reign over the mind.


Different types of mediation such as candle or point mediation can help with this, i used to have a lot of focus and comprehension issues but this helped immensely over time. the cumulative benefits towards magick in general are a plus also.


@Dinmiatus beat me to it. Any of the trataka meditation techniques will help you with concentration. So staring at a candle flame or a mandalah or sigil of some kind with or without a mantra.

the key part is to not get discouraged. stay focused for as long as you can at first (even if it’s just a minute or so) and keep building on that. In this case count only your successes not any faults. :slight_smile:

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Vitamins B6, B12, C and Niacin.


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Thoth may also help.

I would suggest asking him to send a spirit to partially possess you and help you retrain your mind, and use any availble groth and rewiring functions.

Also, I don’t know what your circumstance is but no-one finds focusing and concentrating particularly easy at first, because our minds are designed to seek new input, people are sometimes not prepared to accept any discomfort or self-discipline and reject anything that doesn’t come easily as not being possible, when in fact, all skills are learned.

I’m not saying you’re doing this but it’s a temptation for all of us, especially as adults when we are used to knowing things and have forgotten how to learn, and that failing or wanting to give up is a normal part of the learning process - something children have the flexibility to handle better.


For the focus and concentration, meditation.

For memory, learn some memory tricks to help you remember things.

For comprehension skills, read a motherfucking book.

Actually, comprehension skills, think about things you CAN do, have learned successfully, work out what you did, and repeat that.

Mnemonics help some people, drawing diagrams, asking someone to help them break a concept down into small chunks, things like that. If you have a learning disability you might have tricks you learned to help you with other skills that can help here.

Well, everyone already mentioned a lot of good things, so I’m not gonna repeat myself.

Follow those, but here are some more options.

First, the angel Barkiel. He is the angel of lightning. Call him to think clearly, quickly and accurately, just like lightning.

Next, take care of your body. Try out different diets. Some swear that being vegetarian helps them think better. I personally enjoy Keto + Intermittent fasting.

Also try doing cold showers. At the coldest setting. They remove the brain fog, especially if you imagine all the blockages and shit, and the brain fog, being washed away as dark particles.

You can even meditate under the cold water (not for too long, lol). If you can keep your focus during that time, you can keep your focus anytime.

Going no-fap for a while can also help you clear out the brain fog. Experiment with this.

Workout, even if just a little. Martial arts are especially good for this, look for something with sparring and a lot of padwork.

Also try banishing and energy gathering practices. Sword banishing/LBRP, chakra meditation exercises and the Middle Pillar are some examples.

Good luck. :slight_smile:


I’m not sure about memory and comprehension but as far as a lack off focus and concentration I’d definitely recommend working with the air element. I did it today actually and it worked like a charm. I traced a yellow air invoking pentagram before me and then invoked and asked the energies of air to keep me focused and help me learn as much as I can.

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Meditation is key here. Try to see basic shapes like circles or squares in your mind and focus on them for as long as you can. Energy work helps too. Top that off with a spirit such as Heimdall or Bathin and you’ve got a winning strategy.