Magick without emotion

Emotion is a great fuel for magick, what if someone has no emotions? Thoughts on this?

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So far i’ve yet to meet anyone with zero emotions. Severely repressed emotions yes. You a lack of expression to emotion yet. But there is always a channel of emotion.
Thats been my experence at least.

Some people don’t have emotions for so many reasons. It usually goes with depression, anxiety, sometimes with drugs and physical or mental illnesses.
If it’s a temporary, it’s possible that you are just tired, or burned out.
Energy workings can help or change of lifestyle. Even getting a pet, like a dog, can make big improvements.
Lack of emotions doesn’t have to be an obstacle for a magick practice, but it’s not so pleasant.

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Let me rephrase it then. In a hypothetical situation, if someone had no emotions at all, what would happen to their magick?

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Could go both ways someone unemotional who can focus their will on the goal and never be distracted can make it work, otherwise it’s just useless.
These are hypocritical possibilities.

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The whole ‘Ice Magick’ thing that splintered the chaos magick community a while back comes to mind. Essentially emotionless magick that is purely driven by the conscious will of the practitioner.

I personally don’t use many emotions in my workings because I’m a fan of precision over power.

Are you suggesting robots can do magick now??? :anguished:
…Great, another thing i’m going to end up losing a job over… :angry:

Kidding aside, i agree with Dinmiatus somewhat, i’ll add that some people can’t tap into the raw emotional state fully enough for it to be effective in a ritual, so they are better off doing the opposite, still can be difficult, instead of spending building up to a emotional high, you must spend that time meditating and chanting to hit the point of total non attachment.

And of course, having the same non attachment at the end of a ritual is essential for both methods to successful.

Ten seconds of practically minded meditation works well enough for me to get into the proper mindset.

I tend to use emotion as a part of the experience of what i am casting for. As in experiencing the outcome i want as if it has already happened.but that isnt what usually fuels my magic. That usally consists of planetary or elemental energies in most of my work.

I found i have a hard time detaching from thw emotion i raise in ritual after its done so i dont use them in ritual as a source. That said i do experience emotions associated to the energies i raise but those dissipate soon after i ground.

Search for a term “Emotional Literacy”, it can help you so much in understanding of your emotional state.

Hmmm. I suppose it would depend on what type of magick you were trying to do. I imagine a lack of emotion at all would at the very least force you to change your process and approach. Cursing could be harder possibly. Honestly if an individual was truly devoid of any emotion I do not see much reason they would do magick in the first place. If a person were that detached I feel it would leave them with no reason to act.

@Woodsman81 @John_Doe @Anziel_Merkaba I would say from my experience in Chinese and other currents that it’s definitely possible and possibly more effective depending on the situation. This includes with curses. I know people who can kill completely emotionlessly. Great things can be done with raw directed power alone.


No emotions is where your true will lies. Sustaining emotions burns through chemicals in your brain, which run out eventually. If you have a long intense emotional outburst, it can leave you incapable of feeling emotion for a bit. Good time to do magic.