Magick while scrying?

Has anybody had any success performing magick while scrying? For example, I’d like to locate someone while scrying and then manipulate their actions. Any thoughts?


Oohhhh, doubling down how very Lord of the Rings of you…giphy
I actually have an obsidian crystal ball about that size that I use for scrying. And a Sting replica official film reproduction as my ritual sword.


It’s basically Bilocation at that point. You have to have some presence around them to properly affect them using direct methods.


Ohhh that shit is fun…
Yeah. That’s how I astrally attack people sometimes. I pilot several bodies or just two and attack all together.

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A man after mine own heart :laughing:

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Can you actually see them in your scrying device?

I don’t use a device. But yes, kinda.

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