Magick VS LOA

Are spirits able to just “give” you things without you being a vibrational match to it? Or do you still need to work on yourself (releasing attachment and all that) and become an energetic match? If the latter is true, why are spirits needed in the first place? Isn’t that just “LOA with rituals”?


Magick IS the LOA. It helps tune your vibration to the thing you want. Like someone said, magick doesn’t make the impossible possible but makes the improbable more then probable, it makes it manifest.

LOA is not aways simple to do. To match your vibration to the exact thing you desire can be difficult for some. It also takes a lot of personal energy to do that. Spirits and ancestors and the like are very powerful and ancient. They help us to attract the thing(s) that we want. They are called upon in order to use their energy and corresponding qualities to assist us manifest.

In other words the point is, you don’t need spirits but they posess some bad ass powerful energy; and it’s more efficient to utilize their abundant energy to get results then using just your own limited energy.

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Vibrational match doesn’t matter, barely anyone is a vibrational match, we all fluctuate in our vibrations just as they do. We can do it willingly as well. I change my vibrations constantly.

Working with spirits and working simply with your own energy/LOA is purely by choice.

It’s the same thing , all a means of arranging frequency vibration and energy , lol , except spirits can arrange it easier for you to get to the goal , although meditation fasting and healthy foods can also make you a super strong manifesting beacon

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