Magick tools

Hey, I came to ask what kind of tools I should use for basic Magick. I know all methods are different but does anyone have a basic idea of the kinds of Magick tools I should have?

I typically only use a candle (sometimes), incense (most of the time), and ritual music (almost all the time). I’m not a ceremonial magician, so this is fine with me.

If I’m making blood offerings, there will be a scalpel or diabetic lancet and a lighter, if the candle isn’t involved with the ritual.

Last night, I was doing a ritual that involved using a crystal for the pathworking. It’s my first and I will only use in in the full rituals.


You’ll need to be more specific in what you are wanting to practice. It is as you stated. Different for each working.

It depends on the type of magick and your economic and social circumstances. I could tell you that a tarot deck is a must, but some people have told me that they can’t buy one. When I began practicing scrying, I was unable to craft a black mirror, so I used my electric bass as black mirror. Sometimes the drawing tools are magick tools (drawing icons is important for some people), a cup of tea can be a magick tool (it is for me, as it is a vestige of my devotion for Ilonqueen).


I mean like are there any “must haves?”

Generally, for most ceremonial systems, all that is required is an altar, a chalice, and a dagger (candles and incense are assumed, of course, if you are practicing evocation).

Skrying devices aren’t mandatory, but are useful to have on hand.

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In the end, they are only tools. The first time I evoked Madame Pele, I had my ritual music to help get into the zone. That’s it and it wasn’t strictly necessary, but certainly was helpful.

Edit - I should state that she wanted to work with me and I knew this.

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