Magick to stop/heal/win against cancer (Warning: advanced magic)

Greetings to all:

I have been planning this ritual for quite a long time, and I have decided to share it.
It lacks the complexity of ceremonial magic, but that doesn’t make it any easier or safe.
Before describing what needs to be done, I would like to say that this kind of magic only work best if it is YOU the one suffering from it for several reasons (but it can be done by anyone else):

  1. You will have more Willpower to survive than ANYONE else, even if they love you.
  2. You are linked to your own ill physical body, so the connection is easier.
    3)This magic depends entirely on your desire and will, at the end of the day. If the ill person has made peace with the potentiality of dying from the cancer, there is nothing to win. The battle is lost.
    4)Chances are that, if the will is not strong enough, the ill person dies or suffers even more. If it is not you the one with cancer and you lack Will power, there are potential chances of you getting ill.

The warning has been arisen. If you want to carry on with it, let me tell you something: That’s the spirit!!!

You will need to have a deep desire and will to survive (or make the ill person survive). You will need to not give a single fuck about the disease, or the destiny. You will need to want to isolate yourself from the unity that has caused the casualty that has provoked the causality (different term, do not confuse it with casualty) to give you the illness.
You will need to want to fight your own destiny and your union with the All. To destroy the union that can have place in Death. You will need to rebel against the natural forces. You will need to understand that time is not lineal, but different.
Time is the union of small cycles that overlap, and that can be changed, regardless of your point in time where you are right now.

This is it, we are gonna fucking play with time magic. We are gonna regress the time. This will (depending on your success) put you back to a very early stage of cancer, or a place in time where you didn’t have any cancer at all, stop it from growing anymore, or (if done wrong) accelerate it and kill you faster.

Due to this, we are going to work with these symbols, that I have placed into a single sigil (if you want more info about them and why I have chosen them, let me know and I can write a post about it):
-Snake (Ouroboros form).
-Sol and moon.
-Inverted pentacle surrounded by a circle.

The sigil (which I will post in a minute) is the KEY to this work. It is a drawing (a very basic one) that I have created, but you can draw your own version of it.

You will need to have a stronger willpower that the cancer itself. A stronger will power to survive, bigger than the willpower (or physical force) of the cancel killing you.

You will need to choose 3 deities:
-A rebel. An entity who turns their back on their current system, go on their own and create their own reality. It is obvious why this connotation is fundamental for this magic. An example of this could be Lucifer, or Satan (last one for its Earth connotations).

-A traveler of dimensions. It should be ideally someone who can go to the Underworld/Dark reality and come back without harm. A psychopomp is not recommended due to its work to guide the dead, and we are trying to avoid that. It could be Belial (due to its connotations with regards of the Qliphoth connection to Daath), it could be Osiris (as he came back from the Dead), Ra (in some mythos, he goes to the underworld at night, and comes back from it), Hermes, Janus, etc.

-A fertility/health entity. It could be the positive aspect of birth and health that any goddess possess. It could even be Asclepius, but my choice here is Hecate or Lilith.

My personal advice is to choose LHP friendly deities, as what we are trying to do with this magic is to defy the Order and potential destiny of a disease. We want to disconnect ourselves from that Harmony and Union of the Sephiroth. we want to defy it and become our own kings/queens of the Qliphoth.

Once you choose 3 of the aforementioned deities (they need to be compatible together as well) you will need to make a pact with each one of them separately, on 3 consecutive separate days, and a collective one, on the 4th day. This can be done as you please, and according to your tradition, but the use of blood here is encouraged (blood of the person suffering cancer).

Then, you will get the sigil I am going to attach printed, or drawn, and placed into a sacred space of your house. It needs to be permanent. It doesn’t require any altar or objects apart from the sigil itself.
The ritual will be done on a daily basis, regardless of how tired you are. You will need to be convinced that you are gonna win this fight. A drop of guilt, self doubt of exhaustion and feeling of giving up will break the magic behind it and can sabotage yourself. Therefore, you will need to work with your willpower on a separate basis, with pep talks, visualization or whatever it helps you keep grounded and strong.

The ritual is as it follows:
You will sit down in a comfortable position. Put a drop of blood into the sigil (blood of the ill person).
The reproduction of healing music like solfeggio is very recommended. You will look at the sigil, and visualise it. You will focus on the triangle, until you visualise that you enter it and go to a different reality.
You then visualise yourself healed, or even prior to the illness. You visualise yourself strong, successful.If you want to work with a specific deity (of the previously mentioned ones), do it, and write what they advise you to do. If the ritual is not for you, you will need a link to the ill person’s body. A hair, a drop of blood into the sigil, clothes, or whatever you think is good. It needs to remain with you everytime you do your daily mediation/ritual/visualisation. You will visualise yourself detaching from the Current you are currently attached with, and connecting to a forbidden current in which you reject the previous state of your body, mind and soul. You are creating a new reality in which you exist with a new healed/not ill body. The visualisation will go differently to each person, and that is ok.
There is the chance of getting images that can be disturbing or make you doubt about whether you are able to fight this. Situations that can make you think you are going insane,suicidal or depressed. You will need to embrace them, but don’t let them affect your Will.
They are a sign that the magic is working. It is Thaumiel testing whether you deserve a second chance, and whether you are sure that being healed is what you really want. This, guys, is the REAL fight. Fail it, and everything will be lost. Win it, and you have won forever.

This meditation/ritual will be done daily. Optional extra daily work with the 3 deities listed above will be very beneficial, and they will personally guide you to take extra steps for this fight to be won. No specific steps should be taken. This magic need to be individualised for best results.
As I said earlier, you need to do it daily.
Keeping a diary with what you visualise and your feelings and thoughts, with date and time is encouraged.

Feel free to suggest changes or adaptations. If you are curious about the symbology, I can write more about it, or suggest specific work or meditations with specific gods, but I do not work with all of them so bear that in mind.

Dark kisses and good luck.

PS: There are more ways of performing a health ritual. You could use methods that rip the people out of their health and energy in order to heal yourself. Unfortunately this type of magic not only adds complexity to an already exhausting ritual, but it also has additional risks (absorbing further illness, or depending on continuous people sacrifice to maintain yourself healthy). Therefore I have decided to use a more neutral and individual type of magic that minimises the risks taken, compared to parasitic magic. Also, cancer can be seen as a parasite, and performing vampiric magic wrong can feed the cancer. In my opinion it is better to change your reality and root cause, rather than feeding yourself from other healthy people.

Also commit yourself to cancer treatment. Go to the doctors, get help, eat healthy. Do whatever it helps physically to win against cancer. It might sound stupid, but it is a fundamental part of magic, the act of taking action instead of waiting for miracles.




PS: I will give further ideas for additional meditations that will benefit the overall work from time to time.


@Yberion Hey.

This ritual could help…


I also wanted to add that if the ill person wants to make peace with death, they need to be respected.
We have the right to live and die with dignity.

Soooooo now you want to start the ritual but doubt about the entity choices?
Ariadne or Arachne are a great choice.
Apart from the pretty obvious symbolism related to spiders, their spider web and how they weave reality, there is also a big component of healing amd transformation within it.

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