Magick to prevent smell taste?

through becoming Self Aware aware of my body and senses. while using the bathroom i smell horrible i dont wanna smell or taste my own Bowell’s. i have to breathe but don’t wanna deal withthe sense of smell taste of my own nasty human body. i would like to banish my own ability to smell taste while using the bathroom Any demons you recommend to teach me magick to blocking unwanted smell taste?

Getting an entity to change your gut microbes or alter your body processes is extremely difficult.
You’re far better off reaching out of an entity to help them give you the discipline to alter your diet, as a healthy lower gut wont cause hideous odor. A belly full of veggies and water smells a whole lot better than one filled with McDonald’s and beer.

While I’m not a doctor or medical professional, I would encourage you to seek one out if the smell is particularly bad every single time you go - it can be a symptom of other underlying issues.

If all else fails, pre-poo sprays are readily available at most supermarkets, in the Isle with the air fresheners usually, and will have the room smelling like roses the whole time.
All the best!

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