Magick: The Glory to Godhood

Hello mightly Gods and Goddness!

I fucking love magick, to all the future kings and queens, be aware that you are no lesser than a GOD. You are the future, the choosen one, Yes im talking to balg. You are the royal bloodline of the anicents. How dare you question yourself? that shouldnt be an anwser. The power to chain the world and bind it to whosever will, is just right in your hands. Dont let yourself stop you from the road to self discovery(Godhood). You are your greatest enemy, your greatest weakness. Keep practiceing, keep experimenting, keep your journal for is your bible, what is recorded is the power of things that has be brought to your reatly. Blessing balg!

P.S. this is encouragement to keep questing after GODHOOD!

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